President and co-Founder of the Berlin Tian Gong Institute, Master Tian-Ying was trained to become a Tian Gong Master by Le-Tian Da Shi. She was born in the Zhejiang province of China, where as a youth, she practiced Martial Arts but switched to Qi Gong because of illness.

In 1993 her health took a turn for the better, after her fortuitous encounter with Da Shi. The gate to her heart suddenly opened after she began Tian Gong cultivation. Not only were all of her illnesses healed, but her extraordinary faculties also began activating one after another. Today she possesses, among other skills, Celestial Vision, Celestial Hearing, Celestial Language (speaking & translation), Bi-Gu, Soul Reading, Divine Communication, Celestial Feet and Telepathic Communication. Especially noteworthy is her ongoing Bi-Gu practice which began in December 1993.

In 1994 Master Tian-Ying resigned from her position as a civil servant and became a full-time Tian Gong teacher. Since then she has been traveling and teaching Tian Gong, first throughout numerous cities and provinces in China and then throughout Europe beginning in 1998. In recent years, she began accompanying Da Shi on cultivation journeys around the world to study certain locations, which were shrouded in mystery, including sacred sites along latitude 30° North.

Since the founding of the Berlin Tian Gong Institute, Master Tian-Ying and her sister Master Tian-Ping have worked tirelessly even in the face of tremendous difficulty to disseminate Tian Gong practices to the people in the West and to teach Universal culture and ancient Chinese practices in order to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. Together they have now sowed this seed of compassion throughout Europe.

In the last four years, under the guidance of Le-Tian Da Shi and with the enthusiastic help and support from Tian-Qi and other Tian Gong practitioners, Master Tian-Ying and Master Tian-Ping have researched a complex medical problem, which Tian Gong has coined as Diseases of Soul-Information (DSI). Through transmissions of Universal energy and with information collected using Celestial Vision, Celestial Hearing, Celestial Language, soul reading and other methods, they have made great advances and have gained public recognition in areas including but not limited to the following: investigation and healing of DSI, distant Yin Feng Shui group adjustment, etc.

The work of Master Tian-Ying has been praised in both the Eastern and the Western press. She has been featured in the International Qi Gong Newspaper of China, Existenz Magazin and Taijiquan & Qigong Journal in Germany and by Canary 7 Newspaper in Spain. She has also been featured twice by TV Berlin in 1998 and 2004.
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