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For those of you who are wondering what is 'topfreedom,' here is a brief definition: topfreedom is the notion that women have the right to not wear a top in any situation that men also have that option. So, topfreedom is NOT about women eating at a restaurant without a shirt because men are not allowed to do so either. Rather, topfreedom is about giving women the option to not wear a top at the beach, pool, or park. As anyone reading this page from Europe or Australia knows, this is hardly an unusual concept. However, here in the United States and in many other countries in the world, it is not so common. The word 'topfree' is used because it does not have the negative connotations of 'topless' in regard to commercial sex work. Being topfree is not any more about sex than a swimsuit is about sex; rather it is about equality, freedom, increased acceptance of the human body, and women being able to control their own bodies. So, let's spread the word about topfreedom in the United States and the world! Start submitting those trip reports! RSS Feed what is XML?

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