Trading Swats

moderated - created 06/11/06
For men interested in getting together to exchange swats, spankings, paddling. Guys who are interested in a little CP for entertainment and discipline. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Vinnie says give me 10  topic
WannaBePaddled guy gets what he asked for  topic
Barry plug and play  topic
Welcome Gene  topic
Lots of spanking  topic
Kentucky boy well reddened  topic
Kentucky boy: a spanker's dream  topic
kosstamojen the next adventure  topic
Chicago John plugs and spanks  topic
Vinnie and JohnWilliam play  topic
Mike from Indy made the trip  topic
Pantyman's flogging fashion show  topic
Jay stopped by  topic
Welcome ImaLegMan  topic
The lovely pantyman  topic
Asian finale  topic
Asian classic  topic
pleasing the pantyman  topic
Buddies hanging out  topic
Asian Visitor Back  topic
Hello, NWIndPantyman  topic
Tony and another kind of spanking  topic
Steve and our new rigge  topic
Steve helps spank Frank then gets his share  topic
Return of the Asian visitor  topic

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