Trading Swats

moderated - created 06/11/06
For men interested in getting together to exchange swats, spankings, paddling. Guys who are interested in a little CP for entertainment and discipline. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Looks like they are having fun  topic
Chicago John in the new harness  topic
Tiger Steve fun Friday  topic
Hankjr abrupt stop  topic
Steve: Stopover  topic
NWIndianaguy is not a wimp  topic
Woodshed style strapping  topic
for Steve  topic
Vinnie: new profile  topic
Receiver60 said it was nice  topic
Welcome North Burbs Larry  topic
Suspending Steve and Chicago John  topic
Macher: trying it out  topic
Lots of paddles  topic
Introducting ThatOneGuy  topic
Not too harsh  topic
Steve picks a lot of canes  topic
Frank from Indy returns  topic
Memories of spankings past  topic
Hankjr and CollarChris bondage creative  topic
Hankjr returns  topic
Chicago John: Experiment in flying  topic
CollarChris Torment  topic
Kentucky Daddy brings his boys  topic
Eric rip and strip  topic

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