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Lots of groups. Some more active than others. Move you in all different directions. Probably you know most of them already. Maybe will picque your interest. peek? peak? Anyway have fun!
Welcome to Our Fetish Community as a Lifestyle (OFCL) , proudly sponsored and maintained as a fetish community. Thus, those that gain admittance will find this as a place which reveals the secrets of the fetish lifestyle. The experienced practitioner will discover new advanced refinements while the novice beginner will learn the ropes from the ground up. So, learn what to look for, where to find it, and how to do it when you've found it!
The mother of all groups moved to Google
For men interested in getting together to exchange swats, spankings, paddling. Guys who are interested in a little CP for entertainment and discipline.
Like big or hairy guys?...You a big or hairy guy yourself?...Like Spanking?...This is the club for you.
This is a mailing list for people interested in Chicagoland area [and around the world because we have members across the US and also have international members] Spanking. The Crimson Moon Ltd. social club offers 5 parties a year and the Crimson Moon social club offers 1 party per year in connection with the Tampa social club. The main focus of this room will be spanking and meeting people in the spanking scene.
Welcome to the Chicago Male Discipline Men's Club. Here you'll find your match, master/slave, spanker/spankee, whatever. Find and meet people right here in the Chicago area that share your enthusiasm.
this is a men's group, an ADULTS ONLY men's group. It's for guys who like to play a role like father, gym coach, boss, get it, just a role of authority, with a guy that then plays the role of son, athleete, employee, or law breaker. It's for guys that like to give and get spankings as a conclution to the roleplay. This isn't a gay group or a straight group, it's about spanking not orientation so niether term applies.
M/M fraternity-style paddling and hazing. We want to hear your true stories about butt paddling in your fraternity. Hide the identity but don't hide the truth! Chi Delta Theta members welcome! Drop trou and grab 'em, dude!!
This group is dedicated to helping male and female adults over the age of 18 to find people with similar interests in spanking. If you are trying to find someone for friendship only, not marriage or a sexual relationship, then this club is designed to help you in that endeavor. The emphasis is on Males spanking Females and Females spanking Males. This group deals exclusively with adult consentual spanking
This group is for people that are into or interested in what I'm interesed in. I like strong masculine beefy men, I like spanking, I like voyeurism, I like massage, I like exhibitionism, I like rimming, I like water sports, I like domination roleplay. If you want to see, read about, or communicate with me and my freinds about about these topics then you are in the right place. Thanks for coming by...This should be fun :)~
Geek_Boy · Geeks get punished group
This club is for Indiapolis Area guys who like to spank or be spanked to share photos, share stories, and possibly even arrange some spanking get togethers.
this is place for all the m_mspanking's lovers to exchange video clips or full videos
only males are welcomed...
Who wish to share with everyone good spaking clips that they have or wish to watch fantastic videos from spanking site, please keep eye on message section...i will send out link to download spanking videos every week
This group is dedicated to old fashioned real time spanking in Michigan, or visitors of Michigan.
This is a place for the Dominant and submissive, people of northern Indiana southern Michigan to meet, and discuss all facets of s/m
First I want introduce myself. I am a Chinese Guy from Shanghai. I am insterested in male spanking and I am a member of m_m spanking group. But I am not a gay and thier are many gay pics, gay messengers or gay video appeared in m_m spanking group. Sometimes I think I am this group is not absolut fit me. So I start a group just talk about male spanking not gay spanking.
Real Spanking stories, real situations, real experiences and the real reasons that resulted in real spankings today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, home, school, work, outdoors, indoors, wood shed, locker room, high school, in public, in front of friends, fraternity, birthday and all the other real spankings encounters that you remember.
Fantasy stories are welcome as long as you indicate that it's a fantasy or a situation that you want to experience. Remember, some fantasies come true... if there's a real spanking you would like to give or receive, let's hear it!
This group is for those who are interested in souvenir spanking paddles. You know, the kind that say stuff like:
Heat for the Seat
For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind
Board of Education
Never Spank a Child in the Face. Nature Provides a Better Place
Pa Is Boss As Everyone Knows But What Ma Says Always Goes
Fanny Whacker
Applied Psychology
Texas Tail Blazer
Dad's Rules
Grandma's Paddle
Board of Correction
Attitude Adjuster
The Heck with Psychology
Put Me To Work
Husband Tamer
Teenage Tongue Depressor - Apply to Either End
Children Should Never be Punished Without a Definite End in View
Who's Your Daddy?
Are you a dad, or an older brat who needs to be taken bare bottomed over a son's knee and given a good sound spanking? Are you a dad who misbehaves and needs a younger guy to keep you in line by seeing to it that your bottom stays red?Are you a dad who needs a Dad once in a while to reteach you a thing or two about the benefits of a real spanking. If so, join the group. This group is for older guys who needs a son/nephew/student to do the mentoring and the spanking. Or for dad's to be taken over another Dad's knee for a spanking they won't forget. Mature men getting spanked, simply because they sometimes need it worse than the young set does. Kicking, bawling, and bright red bottoms for older brats is a good thing
This is a group that will be dedicated for Personal Ads of Spankos of all diversities to advertise what and whom they are looking for by Consensual Adults,email or IM friends,full time relationship,part time relationship, or Cyber only are all welcome. Full profiles with ages and locations a must to be a member of this group.It is open to Tops,Bottoms and Switches, M/F,F/M,F/F,and M/M to advertise what kind of relationship there are seeking. Please use the contact databases and also pose your personal add on the board upon joining the site.Thank you and good luck in your search.

Drop your panties and get over my knee...or bend over and grab your ankles.....I hope this site will be used by individuals in Southern Illinois who have a fetish for spanking or being or woman..straight or gay...if you desire to see a set of buns warmed then this is the place where you need to be......paddles, canes, bare hands, rulers ,,etc etc.....all playing should be safe sane and consentual.......join the group and tell your friends....otk,spanking,caning,red butts,
This is a self moderated group for those into spankings and caning in Chicago. Feel free to post pictures!!!!
Welcome to the World HeadQuarters of Strip Poker and Spanking
A group based in the Twin Cities in Minnesota that is designed for guys over 18, who like to play strip poker and/or like spanking. So if you like being naked, playing cards for clothes, and like a bit of a sore butt, this is for
For guys who can dish it out AND take it -- guys competing to prove their manliness. This is a place to talk about men undergoing tuff ordeals: miserable initiations - muddy races and obstacle courses - manly military and law enforcement training - macho forced workouts - cruel punishments and penalties enforced without mercy - mean pranks guys play on eachother - men forcing other men to tolerate extremes of heat, cold, discomfort, pain, stench, filth, mess, discipline -- and taking it like a man. Share your stories, experiences, pictures, and links.
underground-b · Directory on Yahoo Groups
A place where adults can get together and talk about
spanking with other adults. We are a discpline group. Male/Male, Male/ female, Female/ female, and female/male. Please do not talk about minors and treat everyone with respect. The owners of this group are very much involved in real discpline and we will share pics and stories often. Please do the same if you feel comfy with that. Off topics are welcome.
male only group that centers on the relationship between adult males who are brought together by the need for discipline and mentoring.....Many of us wish we had a big bro to look out for us when we were growing up.....or a lil bro that we could have looked out after.....There are some of us who have had to wait until growing up to find this.....
If your one of those non-conservative type men who know that variety is the spice of life, then this group might be for you. There are many reasons buddies spank buddies, such as, adjusting attitudes, enjoying the pleasure of pain, and male bonding. I, for one, do it for all of those reasons listed above. I first experienced the male bonding and attitude adjustment aspect when my step brother dragged me down to the barn, wrestled me down, dropped my jeans and shorts to the tops of my boots and blistered my butt good. I was embarassed to no end for awhile, and avoided him at all cost, but after a few day's, he cornered me and we talked about what happened. He became my best friend. Now, I have a buddy that's about 9 years younger than I am, and he looks up to me as an older brother, and I swat his butt when he needs it. So, if you have a buddy that you swat regularly, get swatted by, or combinations there of, then apply for membership. If your looking for a buddy to try spankings with, then join as well. You might get lucky!!
Your Adult Yahoo! Groups / websites and Yahoo! Resources here.
Need help promoting your upcoming event?
Contribute information about, Scene news, munches,
events, websites, organisations, etc.
A place for the Chicago area bottoms to meet the tops. Let's make this THE place for the windy city asses to get warm
This group is for those in the Great Lakes area who are interested in spanking, paddling, whipping and flogging.
This group is meant as a safe haven for adult spankos of all types to come together, share ideas and ask questions. If you're looking for someone to share your interest, let the group know (politely, of course) and you may find someone. We promote the idea of Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) between adults only.
Indy Woodshed is an adult social club based in Indianapolis Indiana. It is made up of individuals who are interested in exploring the world of adult spanking in a safe, sane and consensual manner. We host parties several times a year for our members to get together and socialize while exploring their desire to spank and be spanked in a safe environment. Please see the "FILES" section of this site for an application and our complete rules for party attendance.
Hey all you kinky people in and around Indiana, it is time that "we" have our own list.... Spanking, BDSM, D&S, Crossdress, suffocation fantasies, etc., nothing is to strange for this list.
This group has been established for adult males (over 18), in the general northern Illinois area, who sense the need for a mentor they can turn to for advice, as well as for traditional, strict corporal discipline (spanking), when it is needed. Feel free to use this group to share advice, as well as being a source of finding a mentor in the northern Illinois area.This may be all you need to turn your life around and follow the right path. This is NOT a fetish group and so, if this is what you are looking for, please go elsewhere to satisfy your needs.
This is a group about married men that enjoy disciplining other men. This is a group for men only. And a group that is classy. Not a group for unclothed daddys. I would like pictures of you brandishing your impliments married Daddies. The members is open to me only and not the members. I do this to pertect your privacy. you are safe here. a discreet group. older married men a plus. please stay on topic.
This is a spanking and discipline group ,for people to discuss and share adult spanking experiences and material.
This is a group for making and meeting friends who share your interest in spanking, in a Safe, Sane, and Consensual atmosphere.
Please, no other fetishes, this group is for "Spanking Purists".
This is not a group about dads/sons, masters/slaves, or doms/subs. There are already many very good male spanking groups which focus on dad/son relationships and fraternity challenges, and you don't need one more. This group is for over-18 gays, str8s, bisexuals, and asexuals, and it celebrates a different kind of male spanking. This is for guys into roughhousing spanks and guys-being-guys spanks like with birthday spankings and spanking bets. Guys into sensual spanks---both gay foreplay and horny str8 guys who are just fooling around. Guys into mutual accountability spanks where the goal is not for you to submit to a wise father but for you to accept a spanking from your peers as a punishment which restores you to a state of equality with your friends by cleaning the slate. . . . . . .

Here slavery is a cherished and integral part of society.

At most servant/slave processing centers in California, young, newly enslaved, men are usually placed on the processing table fully trussed and hobbled, like Travis Cordon pictured to the right.
Spanking for fun is for those who enjoy this erotic form of pleasure and role play. Membership is open to adults with a true interest in talking about and sharing this interest with like-minded people. Please remember to be nice and respect each other. And most importantly "have fun".
This is a club for those of us located in the West Michigan area to talk, post pictures, or set up meetings with others in the lifestyle...Feel free to join and contribute in any way you can

George Satejens, the director of Sacramento’s Halstead Center, one of the nation’s busiest processing/training centers, explains. “When you deal in the kind of volume we do here at Halstead we need 100% efficiency in the handling of our product. In the position you see Mr. Cordon trussed in, the processors can conveniently perform most of the standard procedures, such as all of the most common facial, body, and genital piercings, tattooing, and teeth extraction.”
“And because Mr. Cordon was indentured for insurance fraud, a serious matter, he will also be branded and permanently infibulated in his hobbled position.”
“Newly indentured men are usually quite defiant and frightened, so such hobbling is a kindness to them as it prevents them from doing injury to themselves or otherwise acting in ways that would require summary discipline.”

a list for posting and discussing most BDSM-related topics. General information and questions on BDSM are also acceptable.
This club is for anyone into bondage, feet, socks, footwear tickling, wrestling or any combination.
Brought to you by the same people as
This group is dedicated to the discussion of all aspects of erotic crucifixion. Links to webites dealing with this fetish can also be posted. Please note that this is not the place for heated religious debates.
There's a lot of sites about militaries men and a lot about gags, unhappy almost nothing about both. Contribute with your pictures.
You are welcome to share your pics in this club, but don´t forget the soldiers must be gagged at least in one pic in an album.
The gag is very important!!
You can share histories about soldiers, cops, fireman and all of kinds of militaries in the FILES section too.
This Group is for Those interested in outdoor torture and crucifixion.
By the way, ...yes,'s me (bob) in the pic.
A group dedicated to male crucifixion as practiced throughout the ages (historical and modern day). This is not intended to be about the theology of religious crucifixion but the age old punishment meted out to men by, for example, the Romans. We also include images of St Sebastian and similar forms of punishments meted out in olden times.
For Women who Like to Dominate their men. If you are a woman who likes her men bound and gagged, then this group is for you.
Tired of hearing about all the bondage fun guys are having in new York, California, ect..I.E. where you're not?! So am I, so I started this club to hook up all the cool guys in the Midwest that must be out there. I also do bondage photography too so check out my photo's and let me know if you would like to volunteer.
This is a REAL Fantasy and Role Play Pansexual Cannibal Group focused on the Female Eating of the Adult Male.
The Female and Male Cannibals, Chefs and the Male Meat must All be Adults over 18 yoa.
This Group is Not into Real Forced Abductions and/or Murder as we are into Fantasty, Realistic Role Play, Edgeplay and introduction of like minded people.
Our Group "Cannibal Spit Roasting" is into Fantasy, Realistic Role Play, Edgeplay and introductions of like Minded People.
All members must be Adults over 18 yoa all others will be banned as well as those members with no age appearing in their Yahoo Profile.
We are into Realistic Role Play Only and we are Against Real Forced Abductions and/or MURDER and we will BAN anyone we find suggesting this in Reality.
Kicking, kneeing, punching, trampling and grabbing men in the balls
For the lovers of BALLS PAIN!
Pics of my adventures in the CBT world
Self CBT and CBT Activities, Masturbation, B&D, S&M Practices: Pictures, Videos, Illustratons, Stories and Fantasies. Warning: This group has Adult Content and if torture of Male Genitals offends you, do not join. You must be an adult, 18 years of age or older. Age must be listed in Yahoo Profile, along with Gender, and Location. Gerberish in the "tell the owner about yourself" box will be denied. Please say more than "Hi" and briefly tell me either how you torture your c&b's or why you do. This is a sharing group and I expect everyone to share someting or they will be banned. This group is mostly about Self CBT, but it is extends out to Fem Dom (so ladies you are wecome to join, but please share), Mutual CBT, Forced CBT, Gay CBT and Psycological CBT. Please once you are accepted either share a picture, video or a story about your Self CBT. We all want to know how you enjoy it and how it started.
A forum for those of either sex interested in either side of testicle torture, CBT, etc to post ads, letters, stories, technique/implement descriptions, technical/medical advice, photos, etc.
This is a site for those guys in the UK who are dominant dads and seek submissive sons. Or for submissive sons in the UK who require dominant dads to control them
Only pics, stories and drawings of real boys in cages. Cage Masters advertising for boys and boys advertising for Cage Masters can post here.
This is an alternative lifestyle forum devoted to the Black Domination aspect of B-D-S-M. This group is only for photo sharing and discussing topics relevant to our lifestyle.
For Houseboys / Servants Slaves to advertise as well as the Master who desire servants at what ever level.
Age /looks etc being no barrier but essential your ability and desire to serve and use or be used and serve as fitting to your place. Live out your fantasies, make them reality, chat with like minded others, swap experiences etc etc.. PLEASE post pictures of bois serving, masters, etc etc..and you own pics of course if your looking for servants or slaves or a Master to serve
This group is for men in and around Alabama who are interested in spankings. It is for men who like to be spanked by other men and the men who like to spank. It is a place for tops to find bottoms to spank and bottoms to find tops to spank them.
Boyz in trouble at home, in school, in college, at work, sports and all the situations that resulted in discipline, including boyz 30 something that still get in trouble.
Boyz IN Trouble is a corporal punishment group to share photos, stories and experiences that's resulted in spanking or paddling discipline and a new attitude for a day. Fraternity discipline and roommates in trouble are welcome at Boyz IN Trouble.
This group is for yiffy furs* who are into spanking and being spanked to share stories and pictures of this subject, and to discuss.
*Also, fur and furry on this group are used to describe artwork and stories featuring anthropomorphic animals and the fans of such. This group does not pertain to:
1. The buying, selling or discussions of skinned furs.
2. The gay "bear" subculture, although some of the art here is homosexual in nature.
Just trying to clear up any confusion as to this group's purpose. :-)
this group is for paddling and hazing boi's. p and h chat room will be open also. if any of you liked to be paddled or to be hazed come on in check things out. you have to be 18 yrs old to join.
southspankingdadsandsons · The Home Of Adult Boys And Dads
Hey!! This is my wonderful group for those masters or guys interested in spanking chubby and fat asses and giving chubby guys what they deserve from punishment!
SpankingNewZealand is a contact and information group for adult New Zealand men and women (ages 18+ of any sexual orientation) engaging in safe and consensual spanking (including caning).
WaywardBoysDisciplinehome2 · Wayward Boy's Discipline Home2
The Society of Janus is an educational and support group for people interested in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sado-Masochism) in the Bay area.
A forum for those that are Masters and slaves to seek out and find each other and share information
tribe for all bdsm people in Missouri. Let's find each other!
This is a tribe dedicated to the nuts and bolts of BDSM, the mechanical how-tos, not the philosophical. How to use various toys, how to make them yourself, how to build great dungeon furniture, how to do different techniques of all sorts, ideas for great mindfucks or other scenes, where to find toys and materials needed for anything to do with kink, etc. You name it, it belongs here. As long as it doesn't involve children or bestiality, bring your ideas to share with all.
This tribe has been set up specifically to provide pointers to BDSM and other sexually-related tribes

If you're new to BDSM and are looking for straight talk and uncensored discussion about what you've gotten yourself into, this is the place. If you're an old hand, please join us to help teach the newbies.
For those of us that enjoy giving and receiving a good SWAT!!!!
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