ARcturians and Pleiadians

topic posted Thu, April 12, 2007 - 4:18 PM by  Guy
The ARcturians are here to assist us transcend the physical plane into a 5 dimensional awareness. That means enlightened beings of light...light. They engage in relationships and they wear capes down to their waist. They are the memory and record keepers. Every newspaper article event they record. They are responsible for assisting famous people and leaders in the community. Tho they are on a higher dimension assisting other planets as well they are capable of quickening the vibration of their bodies so that any bullets or attacks go right through them. They have been contacted by the Christ figure in our world and that's why they are extra helping.
They work deeply with the color blue. In my understanding they correspond to the E-ohim.

While the ARcturians are very mental and into mind power and helping us to develop telekinesis powers, the Pleiadians are also here to assist in living artistically and positively. I think of incense and nice women personally when I think of the Pleiades. But there is a difference in certain peoples from th Pleiades than others. I sense that there are some influences from the "Pleiades" or really from part of an Illuminati based New-Age project for one world, but an oppressed one, which is why we have to be so incredibly careful and motivated to overcome the lower aspects of ourselves that allow our neighbors to be hurt or suffer while we work towards the same name but different thing of enlightening the world and bringing everybody together. They are more hippie for sure, but there is also a neurosis to only think positive and avoid all negative, which if done wrong can create a monster dark side or unconscious, which has allowed many interspecies wars throughout our history.

Visualizethe top part of your merkaba as Arcturian and the bottom as Pleiadian and we will rock. also think of an octahedron in 2 dimensions with the same on top and bottom. The highest intelligences who are informed have been working with the interlocking of the Pleidian and Arcturian energies which are guiding us towards salvation in both the physical and energy realms.

next time: the feline and reptilian races
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    Re: ARcturians and Pleiadians

    Thu, December 20, 2007 - 10:16 PM
    What about non-corporeal beings of Earth? They exist as well. They share may of the same attributes of your Arcturians and Pleiadians, but are caught up in Earth-based dynamics.

    I'd like to learn more about your perceptions of other-terrestrial life, but I can't just ignore our own plight in favor of yours.

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      Fri, December 21, 2007 - 4:05 PM
      Earth-bound beings may include ancestors. We're looking at extraterrestrial civilizations that are assisting us out of pure altruism.
      The non-corporeal beings will ascend to the 5thdimension alongside us, and possibly contact with them will be easier and more vivid.

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