Triad Relationships

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This is a forum for those in, interested in, or looking for a relationship in a triad. MFM, FMF, MMM, FFF... whatever. We're looking for advice, connections, readings, and observations about this alternate lifestyle. RSS Feed what is XML?

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FMF family  photo flag
Gary and his 2 Nawty Nurses!  photo flag
Triad of Ladies  photo flag
Gary and His girls  photo flag
Denise, Tammy and Gary with a friend  photo flag
Tammy, Gary and Denise  photo flag
Tammy (GF) Gary and Denise (Wife)  photo flag
searching for the person  topic
younger women looking for older men  topic
Uneven love in the Triad...  topic
Single NYC guy looking to become part of a (bi)...  topic
looking for a male to join us in a polyamorous ...  topic
Oprah looking for Triad Relationships  topic
New to the tribe  topic
This is a very quiet tribe  topic
Paint Your Wagon  photo flag
Bedtime story  photo flag
Group Love  photo flag
Group Bedtime Comedy  photo flag
Lucky Guy!  photo flag
Hello Everyone  topic
Lots of sex!  topic
Does this group do anything?  topic
not getting along with one....  topic

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