Troop 69, Naughty Girl Scouts in BRC

public - created 01/09/08
We are the Official, naughty Girl Scout troop of Black Rock City!
By day, you will see our naughty little girl scouts serving their fellow burners cookies in their trashy little troop uniforms...
Join us in the evening at our Red Light Lounge for a tantalizing display of flesh as our Beauties perform Burlesque for your entertainment!
We are looking for women who are as excited about cookies and burlesque as we are! Men are welcome as well, however their participation will be limited... sorry!

We have an amazing DJ camping with us this year. We also have fire dancers and artists alike. Your talents and suggestions are a welcome addition to Troop 69!

Troop dues are $69.00. This does not cover your entrance fee to the event. Nor does it cover the cost of food.

Address any questions to Troop leader Emma, at RSS Feed what is XML?

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