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My son and I did not start our sexual relationship until a bit later in life. Our relationship was always close and we shared a good amount of time together as my son grew up. James was involved in lots of sports in school, and he was also in the scouts. I tried to be involved in most of his activities. My son knew I was gay and never tired to hide it from him. James was comfortable with me being gay and he never asked any question. Our relationship has always been one of mutual respect and love.

Over the course of time, we had seen the other naked many times. We camped with some other folks and he and I usually showered together at the camp grounds in open showers. I have to admit it was nice to see how James body was developing. His cock was becoming developed too and he had grown a beautiful dark full bush. From all the different sports he played in high school he developed a really nice body that was dense with muscle. Not the swimmer type of body, but more like that of a football player. As James became older his body became more of a temptation to me, but I brushed it off as being just to perverted at the time. I have to clarify I had always had incest fantasies , but it was just that, a fantasy. But, as time went by and as James got older , 19 or so, I started to get really horny about the idea of my son and I making love. It did not help matters that I had to start on testosterone replacement therapy....oh my god did it make me wicked horny...still does.

I knew James had a girlfriend of sorts which I thought was great for him. They dated and I was guessing that they enjoyed each others company. But he still made time for his old man as well which made me happy too. But, he was leading a secret life which I knew nothing about. James started using my computer at an early age as development tool. When he was 8 I bought him his own computer for his room. We played video games together and he became a real whiz at the computer. Anyway....I have to chuckle...little did I know at 14 he he was really into porn. I never check his computer I just thought he was using it for homework, video games, and general stuff for a kid of his age. Little did I know my son had a penchant for chubby older men. The little shit was looking at sites like Silver Daddies. When he turned 18 he opened accounts at several of the site for older men and started to dating chubby daddies. Oh, let me say that I am a chubby dad. Anyway, I did not learn about all this until later after we started our relationship. Right under my noise and I had no idea!

In our house we usually ran around in boxers shorts and white ankle socks. We both wore the exact same kind of boxers. They were cut short and nice and loose in the legs with a button on the fly which neither one ever buttoned. It made me crazy to see his cock pressing against his boxers. James has a nice cock, about 6 inches and a sort of thick. This is when I started lusting after him. James told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend and he started to spend more time at home during the week with me. At the time I had a large bedroom and a nice big bed. It was not unusual for us to lie in bed watching television and movies. We would always lie opposite top each other. I was always at the top of the bed with tons of pillows. He would lie at the foot of the bed on his side, facing me with his with his head propped up of his hand. But he had started a new practice of bending his leg at his knee with his foot resting on the bed with a very exposing view. James is hairy from his tummy and down his legs and I was able to see his hairy dick and balls. Sometimes he would play with his balls or pull on his cock, but then again he took after his dad as I had a habit of the same thing. I have to admit that I would place myself at an angle and so that he would have a nice view if tried to have a look. I know for a fact that he would steal a look when he thought I was not looking and he had to know that I was trying to look up his boxers; James is not a dumb boy. It drove me crazy horny to see my sons beautiful exposed body and the testosterone therapy I am one did not help matters. As soon as he went to bed I would have to jack off thinking about making love with him. This went on for a while I thought maybe he is doing this on purpose, but then again I also had my doubts.

OK, so one Saturday afternoon, right before his 21 birthday he had some of his guy friends over to play some basketball. I sitting at the computer reading and writing email. He came in from playing ball and as he passed the room he told me that he was going to take a shower. I did not pay much attention and just said kept on typing. I heard him go into his bathroom and shut the door. Fifteen minutes later he opened the bathroom door and I heard him yelping at the top of his lungs that he had a really bad charlie horse in his leg. I told him to try to stand on his leg and message it out. He hobbled into my room wrapped in a towel and asked me if I could help him. I asked him where was the spasm? I thought it was most likely in his shin of calf muscle. At that point, he let the towel drop to the floor and pointed, still yelping, to his inner thigh maybe to inches from his balls. So he just laid back on the bed told me to hurry as it fucking hurt. I thought this is not happening. Seeing him lying back on the side of bed with his legs spread open and his hot body, beautiful bush, hairy balls and his cock make me nuts! Immediately I started to get hard. I was only in boxers and I was worried that he might see my dick getting really hard. So, I knelt between his legs, so he could not see my hard cock. I started to massage his thigh and I could not help rub the side of my hand against his nuts. I kept messaging and he told me it was really helping just don't stop. I was so close to his cock and balls I could smell the scent of the soap coming from his nut sack. Then his cock started getting hard and I was not sure what to do. I thought oh my god this is not happening. I started to run the side of my hand gently across the base of his balls. He did not utter a word as his cock continued to get rock hard. I took his sack in my hand and started massaging his nuts. I then asked him if he was OK with what I was doing. Again he did not say a word so I continued. Then I ran my finger up from the base of his dick up to the head of his cock. At this point he started to shiver and his whole tummy got ridged. I slip my hand down his cock and back up again. After several time long stroke he commenced to shoot a hugh load that covered his tummy, face, and was an oh my god moment. I stood up and he could now see my rock hard dick in my shorts. I just stood there not knowing what to say. I had to get my rocks right then and there. So I laid down beside him and jack my cock for or five times and I shot a heavy load that landed on my stomach and a bit on my chin. Ya' know, what do you say at that point??? So we laid on my bed and had a nice talk about what had happened. He sort of did not want to look me in the eye, but I told him that what we did was OK and that he should not feel ashamed or guilty and just take the experience for what is was.

You have to understand that there were many dynamics going on between us from his late teens. We grew closer as father and son during this time and I always felt we had a special bond that was developing between us. After our first sexual experience I knew that our bond was going to become even stronger. But, like any relationship, it was quite clumsy at first and had to be nurtured over time. Today we have a beautiful father/son loving, sexually intense relationship.

I know this is not the juiciest coming out story, so to speak, but this how it all started.

Lately we had been talking about maybe having sex with other couples. Our preference is for a biological father/son, but we know that is mostly likely hard to find. So other intergenerational couples would be nice too. We will see what happens! BTW, James is now 27 and I am 54 to be 55 very shortly. James is a total top and I am a total bottom so it really works out great for both of us.
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