My incest history in brief.

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I am a only child.
Age 9, My first incest experience with my father (he was 32) and grandfather (age 55). This was mostly oral until I was 10. My grandfather and I shared many loving sexual experiences (at least 500) until his passing when I was in my mid 20's. I still have sexual encounters with my father (he is now 66) at least once a week.

Age 10, I learn that my father and grandfather are also having sex. To this day when I think of the first time watching my grandfather making
love to my father is one of my greatest sexual experiences. The three of us have had many experiences together. This is also the age when both my father and grandfather take me anally. I also have oral sex with my fathers oldest (age 34) brother (#1). My father has 5 brothers and 2 sisters. My grandfather had sex with all of his sons and grandsons. My uncles and father also have/had sex with each other and their sons.

Age 12, I have sex with my Uncle (#1) and his two sons (C1 10yrs old, C2 7yrs old). I still have sex with the three of them.C1 has no children. C2 has 3 kids 1 son. I have not had sex with his son but he has told me he has. I also ejaculate for the first time having anal sex with C2. I also have sex for the first time outside the family with a neighbor boy. My mother also passed away that year in a car accident. Shortly after my father and I start sharing a bed, we do this till I leave for college. My fathers brother (#2) moves in with us around this time. I don't remember if it was before or after my mothers passing. We don't have sex till I'm 15.

Age13, All us (male) cousins (11 of us age 4 - 15) have our first camping trip with our fathers, we spent 3 weeks together. Every one of us cousins slept in the same tent, we all played sexually with each other. We also had an "orgy" with our father's a cpl times that camping trip. My oldest cousin (C3) and I also begin to have sex with my grandfather together. Today my oldest cousin, his son and I have sex quite often, his son is divorced with 1 daughter. I also begin a sexual relationship with C4 he is also 13 at the time, this goes on till my mid 20's when he gets married. I have not had sex with him since. We talk about it at times and will kiss and fondle each other but have not had sex. He is aware that his son and I have and still do have sex. He also has sex with his son.

Age 15, My father, his brother (#2) and ! share a bed regularly. It is also at this time I start performing anal sex on my father. It is also around this time that sex between all us becomes more out in the open. It was not unusual to come home from school to see sex going on between two or more family members. To this day most of the family incest is done in mine and my fathers home, or when we go camping as a family.

Age 17, by this age I have had sex with every one of my uncles and male cousins. All of my uncles are divorced. My father and I also start having sex with another father/son outside the family this goes on for a cpl of years. My grandfather buys a large property in the country. Most of my family still live on the property. My father builds a house on the property while I was in college. We still live there.

I am now in my mid forties. Own a successful business. I have not had sex outside the family since I was 28. Very few of us do. A cpl of my cousins have wives but we as a family rarely see the wives. I am actively having sex with 19 family members, 4 of my fathers brothers, 9 first cousins and 6 second cousins. We are very open about the sex we have between each other and all are okay with it. We are a caring loving family. The biggest change is that none of the adults that I know of have sex with minors like they did when I was a kid. Not to say that if I'm having sex with my father and a 15yr old cousin walks in on us we stop we don't. Also if I walk in on two of my minor cousins having sex I don't join in and they don't stop.

To many people we are a sick twisted family. Big deal. I'm happy.

I write this to communicate with others in the same type of situation. Male male incest turns me on. If you wish to write me feel free. Want more details let me know. I know many guys wish they slept with their father/brother/uncle or cousin but have not. And if I can help I will.

I will not send video or pics of my family incest so don't bother asking. If your a real father/son and want to possible hook up with me and mine let me know we may work something out. I know soon I will loose my father and I accept that. What bothers me is knowing that someday I will never again wake up in his arms. I also wish I had a son to know the feeling of making love to him.
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