Elders of the 7 New Tribes

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On Feb.12, 2006 Albert; descended from Talking Smoke was given a Vision. In that Vision he was given to know that the path we must now take to renew the land and save the spirit of the land is to include the formation of 7 new tribes. These tribes will be formed by our Mother the Earth's children of all races from all lands and creeds. The common thread binding them together will be the Ancient wisdom and knowlege of the all the Native Peoples from around the world.

In order to move forward in this task we must find those men and women who will become the first Elders of these new tribes. These men and women will in their turn bring forward other to become Elders and to teach the people in the Sacred Way. We begin these tribes in Spirit in the Virtual world of Cyberspace, just as in Ancient times the wise men and women who were the mothers and fathers of the old nations gathered in the Spirit World; in Dreamtime to come to a place of "first steps" on the path that has led us to this place and this time through the time of Darkness that is ending now, with the formation of these 7 new Tribes.

This is our Council Fire. From here we will recieve the words of our Guides and Guardian Spirits; be given the knowing and share those words among ourselves and teach them to the people.

We are not Masters. We are not Rulers. We are only the first of many who will come forward and ask that The Great Spirit hear our pleas, and give us Signs and the Wisdom to know those signs. We ask the Mother of Us All to give us strength and the endurance to carry this burden that we take on in Love for all our brothers and sisters and for all the children. Aho. RSS Feed what is XML?

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