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For Tuxedo Cats aficionados, we who love black and white cats with the pattern of a tuxedo with which they wear with dignity and class. White bib with gloves on, ready for a tie and cane for a night out on the town. I am surely prejudiced and think that tuxedo cats are one of the best looking cats. Post lots of pictures here. RSS Feed what is XML?

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november 10  photo flag
I am 17, sexy and wise MEOW !!!  photo flag
sweet sixteen  topic
i am so very fancy in my tuxedo  photo flag
King Melon Michael  photo flag
sneaking tuxedo style  topic
Johnny Rotten.JPG  photo flag
my basket!.JPG  photo flag
Past Present Future by JoAutumn Brock  photo flag
How are all our Tuxes doing???  topic
King Melon, he's the king  photo flag
Benji posing  photo flag
Introducing - KingPin (my foster cat)  photo flag
are tuxes color biased??  topic
Calvin stretched out  photo flag
new here and need kitty help!  topic
Halloween Tuxes?  topic
talking tuxedos...  topic
Tuxedo kitten found infront of our house  topic
I would like to moderate this tribe..  topic
calling all tuxedo cats!!  topic
New here: Semora Sox Forest Stocks.....aka.... ...  topic
What is a Tuxedo  topic
Cash  topic
Dalailah  topic

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