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moderated - created 01/04/07
Teratone Vision was created by three freaks who wanted to share their vision of the psychedelic realm.
This tribe is there to give info about future events, reports and discuss topics related to psychedelic trance, mind-expansion and the nature of reality. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Killer AV Combination : Fruity Loops + Vegas + ...  topic
New audio-video computer mixing interface from ...  topic
3D without glasses !!  topic
Trance Dance – Some Thoughts on No-Thought by ...  topic
Collective Brainwave Concert : towards the emer...  topic
The Way of Trance by Dennis R. Wier  review
lucidmovement  topic
Yamaha stange visual sound composer "Tenori-on"...  topic
Magic Theatre @ Sonica Festival 2007  photo flag
Timegate 2006-2007  photo flag
World People Festival  photo flag
Teratone Vision live @ Boom Festival 2006  photo flag
T-Vision postcard  photo flag
Beautiful japan 3D artwork  topic
Boom festival 2006 video  topic
The psychedelic Experience FAQ  topic
T-Vision 2007  photo flag
video database  topic
Videobass  topic
vjing : compare vj software !!  topic
Visionnary Artwork from Luke Brown  topic
Live VJ gig - Goanimal B-day 2006 (CH)  photo flag
Live VJ gig - Goanimal B-day 2006 (CH)  photo flag
New year Statement !  topic
teratone vision presentation  topic

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