any hot verbal daddy bears looking to play?

topic posted Fri, October 14, 2011 - 9:08 AM by  STUDBOY
I'm a hot 21 year old blue eyed, dark blond hair bottom boy. I have a smooth sweet bubble ass and hot pink hole. 7in cut. very good looking, and I want a good looking daddy fitting the description below :-)

Im looking for a daddy who's going to boss me around, slap his dick in my face, and on my hole. A daddy who's going to rim, tease, toy, finger, my pussy until I'm begging him to fuck me. And even when I'm ready, and moaning, and asking for daddy inside me, he'll poke his dick at my hole and tease... telling me that i'll get it when he decides he's ready.

A daddy who rubs my head and calls me a good little cock sucker while I'm going down on him. Who rims me and tells me how sweet my ass is. Smacks my ass and makes sure I know he's in charge.

When he's ready to fuck me he enters slowly at first.. knowing I'm still new to bottoming. If i whimper, he rubs my back and says 'its ok.. be a good boy.. take it for daddy".

But Daddy gets what he wants. If he thinks I'm taking to long to adjust to his cock, he smacks my as and yells "come on boy... open up for daddy". When he's inside he holds it there and says "ok boy.. daddy's gonna use your hole now, i know its going to hurt but you need to be a good boy and take it for daddy"

As he slowly starts fucking, he tells me how good it feels inside my hot hole. I'm whimpering, daddy knows it hurts still. "GOOD BOY" daddy says loudly "GOOD BOY... COMEON.... Take daddy's big dick you little slut". he starts to speed up... slamming into me. As it feels better, i start to beg "of fuck daddy.. pound my pussy." "OWN MY HOLE DADDY"

Daddy is using me as a fuck toy now... ramming my hole in all different positions, talking dirty. If he's really kinky... maybe he'll want to stop, look at and lick my smooth open lips, rimming me deep.... then go sliding back in my cunt and using it until he's ready to Cum!

SAFE PLAY ONLY!!! HIV - and you must be too!
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New York City

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