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Utopian Flash Fiction Tribe: for the creation of flash fiction stories to create little open doorways into possible solutions to social problems in concise, entertaining narratives

I envision this group as a furtherance of my once and future project, to find visionaries who will take part in writing a series of flash fiction utopian pieces around an imaginary federation of diverse villages each working out their methods of community life. We can create little dramatic impacts imparting information about how the people of the community involved solve their social problems.

A fictional project allows for social activist imaginings outside of the currently "possible" to promote ideas in an easily digestible and enjoyable form, each person involved adding their bits to the overall project. It would be wonderful eventually to publish these stories into an inspirational book, but I am mostly interested to see what kinds of ideas for possible social structures result. I am hoping eventually to see a whole world of ideas created through these short bursts of fiction, little vignettes or as one person suggested, peeks into open doors. There is no set format to fit. What each participant writes would be helping to create the structure itself.

A possible jumping off point would be to write stories based on the scenario:

We are a group of colonizers sent to a new planet, with a variety of skills and knowledge. The core group has been given the job of a sort of council of elders, to develop the new constitution, by-laws, societal structure within which the colony is to operate.

This is only a suggestion. The whole point is: there are no limits

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