Why does Love make you do crazy things?

topic posted Mon, April 20, 2009 - 3:03 AM by  Fiona
Wipe out ones' bank account, drive across country on a wild goose chase, get pregnant when timing can not be any worse etc.... Seriously it seems like the ones you love have such an easy shot of hurting you. All reasoning goes out the window with the emotional love tie. Why is this? Why is it so hard to say no to the one you love? Especially when the outcome might be damaging.
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  • Why does Love make you do crazy things?
    'cuz what most people regularly regard as "reality" is actually an illusion, but Love is always *real* (even when it hurts)

    All reasoning goes out the window with the emotional love tie. Why is this?
    Love is more *real* than the mind, which is full of illusions & rationalizations

    Why is it so hard to say no to the one you love?
    this statement tells me that you have not yet learned to say no to yourself, in a loving way ~ defining your own personal boundaries is one way to better know & thus love yourself

    Especially when the outcome might be damaging.
    & this statement tells me that you are projecting your lack of personal boundaries onto those closest to yourself, in the hopes that the ensuing dynamics will help to define those boundaries for you ~ it is a good bet that this will work out, but only in hindsight will you *see* that you are setting up those you love to take the 'heat' for causing you suffering that may better be avoided by taking personal responsibility for defining your own boundaries ~ with any luck, they will forgive you

    love all-ways,

    • Being "in love" works on our brains in a very similar way as Cocaine does. It's a high. People on a high do crazy things.

      But that's only a tiny fraction of what love is. Love after that high can inpsire greatness. Love can make us want to be better people. Love can heal our wounds and the world's wounds.
      I would say that doing crazy things is a sign of a high, the rush of being in love and not the same things as actuall LOVE.
    • Unsu...
      Craziness is not a symptom of Love... it is a passionate desire to fulfill a need... of loneliness, insecurity, or addiction. None of these things are love.

      Love is a mature relationship... it is unconditional, and mutual.

      Mary is right... we cannot know love.. until we love ourselves.

  • Because we have this romantic notion that we have been taught from childhood that, if love is "real", it can endure anything. That it's supposed to drive you crazy, that you are supposed to do crazy things "for love". The saddest part of this is that alot of time one person will use that "love" to control the other person. How can you be in love with someone who hurts you over and over.....because we where taught to.
  • because life is an adventure? because doing the predictable thing, and only following your head instead of your heart, is unfulfilling? because love is so at the core of our nature that when it is triggered in us, we'll do anything to get more of it?

    my greatest adventures in life (and i have had some frickin'g great adventures, and they don't stop) have come on a whim. sometimes they are triggered by love, sometimes by a desire to experience life's thrills, sometimes just because, well, why not? we never know what the outcome is going to be, with anything we do. and for me, what some would call crazy, i call living.

    now, on the other hand, it's important to distinguish, as some have said, between love and limerance, though i'll do "crazy" stuff for limerance. and it's good to also be clear with yourself about what you're doing for love, and what you're doing for the hope of love, for the quest for love. i've seen some people do things that were very self-destructive in the long run, because they were so fixated on some notion about love that they couldn't think straight.
  • >Why is it so hard to say no to the one you love?

    while loving someone unconditionally l trust them is to only offer and ask for what is for the best yet it's not always the case.... some ask out of a need to fill emptiness as they are not whole....

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