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topic posted Tue, April 15, 2008 - 6:36 PM by  wabi-sabi
what does it make you do?

(transit U from 5th house; to natal U from 1st house)
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    Fri, April 18, 2008 - 9:29 AM
    Uranus trine Uranus only occurs twice in the 84-year Uranian cycle. The first trine is usually when you're in your late twenties, and occurs about the same time as your Saturn return. What I have observed is that the trine helps make the maturing quality of the Saturn return less stressful.

    A 5th house Uranian transit could mean a new creative outlet, the birth of a child, a new set of friends through a group association, a move to a new locale, a new field of study, a new romance, among other things. With the Saturn return in operation, these changes can mark a "growing up" time, usually marked by a new job, a marriage, a move to a new locale, a new home, a child--something that makes you feel you have taken your place in the world of "adults."

    Because Uranus is in your 1st house, you likely find change more exciting and easier than others. I say this not knowing what else is going on in your chart--is transiting Uranus making a major aspect to any other planet or angle? Also--as with any Uranian transit, there is usually a "sudden" quality to changes that you are making at this time.

    I'm assuming that you are talking about the current Uranian transit at 20 Pisces. That being the case, check to see if anything in your chart is at 10 Libra, which is the solstice point degree of 20 Pisces. That planet or angle can be activated with the Uranian transit, and may color the quality of the transit. The 20th degree of Pisces also marks the movement of Uranus into the Cancer decanate of Pisces. This gives Uranian transits a "graduation" quality to them--moving over a threshold into a new way of life--and usually related to family and home.

    The second Uranus trine Uranus occurs in your mid-50s, and can sometimes encourage a desire to "do something else." It can also be marked with certain happy milestones--the birth of a grandchild, for example, or perhaps an early retirement.

    Hope that helps.

    Michele Adler

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    Mon, April 21, 2008 - 11:57 PM
    Hi! I'm very grateful for your replies!


    My new hobby is Dancing. =)
    I've suddenly become more aware of my excessive energy and have been bothered that I didn't have sufficient means to release it....
    I got into Dancing since it's both athletic and creative and expressive.


    And my love life got started last year. It's a different story now - I'm with no one, and don't want to fall in love at all, I had quite a bit of trouble hehehe.

    But I'm really loving my new creative adventures.
    I'm suddenly feeling that I JUST HAVE TO learn all the expressive creative arts that I've been meaning to...
    (Uranus trine natal Mars 9th house Cancer?)...
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    Tue, May 13, 2008 - 1:40 AM
    wow astrology never ceases to amaze me.

    i have been in a tumultuous period these past months. Realizing that grad school is coming to a finish and the first stream of steady income ive ever earned being around the corner coinciding with my desire to find my own place rather than move back with the parents - this reflects transiting uranus in 2nd house trine my natal uranus in 4th house to a tee.

    My attitude has changed a lot too. The late 20s is beginning to hit my psyche and I'm feeling a lot more accepting of life's "realities" and more willing to relinquish my youthful idealism. This acceptance gives me a feeling of relative contentment and relief that I've never really experienced. I wouldn't call it happiness either, but I like it. Just wish life could feel this way the entire way through haha.
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    Sat, June 4, 2011 - 6:12 PM
    i have uranus trine uranus right now and it's helped me feel more independent, intuitive and i've been seeking out more personal growth stuff to do (and going out dancing a whole lot more!)

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