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topic posted Tue, November 22, 2005 - 6:01 PM by  Riffraff
There is a sense in me that the human environment can embody peace, vigorous participation, a healthy community life, and help subvert the dominant culture simply by living more monstically. Not a rule-bound ego game that stimulates competition and self-centered reactions, but one that fosters one's honesty, one's connection with spirit. One that helps one another be cultural creatives and serves as a refuge against the over-hyped dominant consumer culture.

Do you live in this?

Is it essential for you to live independently for your home to be this refuge?
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    Fri, September 12, 2008 - 9:53 PM
    I once lived in an area where the gov. put through a new highway, in order to run the local road beneath the highway they made the road a sharp "S" soon a truck went off the road and the local people nicknamed the "S" devils turn in the few years that I lived in the area there were a number of pileups their,on the other hand my wife and I on one of our explorations found an old monestery that was all boarded up we climbed through a back window and went about the interior we found our selves in the chapel,as was my costum in those days I sat on the floor to meditate, I was lifted into a state of high samadi that lasted some time. It is my belife that we must preserve a high vibration in our homes I have even stopped inviteing people over unless I really have no choise.This will not be easy if you live in a apartment because they are always checking something or other, but I have found by moveing throughout the house with incence and saying a short prayer in frount of the religous pictures on the wall is a good way to keep rechargeing my home.
    Karma Sarnam Yeshi

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