Bladder Stuffing?

topic posted Sat, August 28, 2010 - 9:27 PM by  Doc
I'm into "Extreme Sounding". I've gradually stretched my urethra up to 3/4". I plan to continue stretching and see how large I can get it. I machine my own sounds, so size is no limit.
One thing I've been considering lately is "Bladder Stuffing" my bladder with surgical stainless steel balls. Any ideas?
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  • i have had so many idea for my own custom toys out of metal.. so from some hot sounds or plugs to some heavy metal anal plugs that could remain in place long term... total perveted mind so enjoy expermenting just dont have the ability to make things..

  • When you have stretched your urethra, do you use any numbing agent (lidocaine, etc.) to facilitate stretching to the 'next size'?

    3/4" seems really large - how long have you been working on it? Have you done any cutting to allow that large a stretch?

    Thanks for your photos and input.

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