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We all gotta potty. Pee pee. Poo poo. Let it all out. Ahhhh. That's better. : )

Toilet humor encouraged. lol RSS Feed what is XML?

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Toilet Dad looking for his Pup for raunchy, pla...  topic
Fuck, why did all the glory holes vanish ?  topic
a good wizz  photo flag
letting it go  photo flag
Drinking  topic
German Cruising Tribe  topic
licking a urinal  topic
Urinals and restroms  topic
hi Uk  topic
Southern indiana  topic
Devil, Satanic, 666, TheBodymen,  review
Always Looking To Worship Cock in Adelaide Sout...  topic
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skype  topic
Looking to meet a mature Mr.Phallus Bi-Top man/...  topic
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Boston College Slut Boy  topic

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