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Yesterday as I was leaving work I stopped vy the restroom, I was all by myself. So I decided to clean the urinal, with my tongue. I licked all over licking up all the pee. I even drank the pee water in the bottom. It was so good, gonna try again tonight. Anyone else ever done this before?
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  • As a child there used to be a single man that lived upstairs from us. He always left his door unlocked and I would go to his toilet and lick it up, there was a lot of hair to lick up (hairy pubes back then) I got very excited doing this and enjoyed doing it daily.
    • That sounds soooo hot! I like that. I did that too. At a public urinal in my father's office building. I would go to the restroom to lick the urinals and sniff the pubes... it was fucking a rush.
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    I never put my tongue in a public urinal, but I have stuck my fingers in it and licked the piss & cum off them. I'd rather go in a stall after someone has pissed on the toilet seat and lick that off.
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    Fuckin' awesome.Always thought it would be hot to be kneeling at a urinal in a straight bar and during half-time or 7th-inning stretch all kinds of hot men would come in an take wicked pisses and I would eagerly volunteer to tongue-clean the urinals and the tile floors below them in between each guys use'. I mean make them really sparkle before the next guy steps up and gushes out another hot golden stream. Yummy. Oh, and I would happily do this naked while wearing knee-pads.
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    I love licking and drinking from public urinals...teh biggest problem is all those automatic flushing urinals now...go to a bar in orlando and love to lick the cum and piss form teh urinal and toilet(gay bar)...
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    I love licking the urinals in public toilets...especially where men go to jackoff...seet cum on the rim, maybe a pubic hair or two...and of course that seet yellow nectar in the the smell of a used toilet too....sometimes it's better than poppers....
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    I love lick the public toilets and drink and eat the residues pee, scat dirty, used paper and more from the chair or floor or garbage can!!! I found also undefined body secretions and taste and eat all, Always, in principle...!
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      That's great. I always pick the nastiest stall. Love licking up any piss from the seat.And once all clear I splash the shit and piss on my cock and balls.
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    I regularly stop at the rest area on my way home from work, and lick a urinal if no one's around. I never do it when there's an audience, although once I looked up from the urinal and realized a guy was standing there watching. He gave me a funny look and walked away. It was so hot! A friend that likes to push me (online) to always do more and I were talking, and we have come up with a new scenario. I haven't gotten up the balls to do it yet, but he is giving me until the end of the month to carry through. Basically, I have to go to the rest area and approach guys, telling them that I lost a bet and have to pay through public humiliation, and that I will pay them $20 to pick a urinal and take pictures of me cleaning it with my tongue.
  • Fellas, I live in a northeastern town in Brazil and there is this store called C&A. Sometimes I used to go there because the audience was ok, with some twinks (really cool). But nowadays the public is far less interesting! Well, so I went there and as a voyeur I was hiding in one of the cubicles (there are only 3 of those) and I heard one man was entering the restroom. I noticed that one of the cubicles was occupied before my arrival. The guy pissed and left right away. After that I carefully open my door just a bit and there was a man near the urinals, he did not see me. The man was the one occupying the last cubicle who went out when realized the place was empty. For my surprise, he passed his finger all over the urinal and licked it clean: I never saw such a thing before. After that, he entered the cubicle again and so did I because we both heard steps thru the door. Two men arrived and went to the urinals, they used the toilet and left. Again I open my door and my "friend" next door came again, this time not only he clean up the urinal with a finger, but with his whole hand, not only one urinal but all of them. And then licked his hand furiously. Most interesting: the man was like those grandpas, kind of folk we see on the street, around 50 yo, no one you could barely suspect of doing such things.
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    When I was around 10, my uncle took me to various parks where he's go into the restroom, use me as a lookout and he lick the piss off urinals. This use to get me all worked up ans soon I found myself going to all kinds of rest rooms, bathroom with urinals and doing the same thing. Sooner or later, yes I was caught which only let to guys now pissing on me or most liked me drinking their piss. I now look for pissed stained urinal, or toilet bowls no matter where they are. I've graduated to dipping my head into urinals licking up what piss might be there, and even so far as lifting the seats of toilet bowls, dipping my head in and licking up (with plenty of piss in the bowls only) and hoping to get caught by the right guy who will let me drain his blatter.
    • Pleasant jong memory !
      THE PLACE, to lick pisses in publics urinals, IS AMSTERDAM !
      There are free public places in streets.
      It is SO fun to get nude there and just SNIFF THE PISSES !
      I lick the stone against witch everybody pisses, of course,
      ANYTIME !
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        vacationed in amsterdam last year. by the time i came back i became obsessed looking for piss and cum to lick up from floors (toilets, public restrooms, porn theaters, movie theaters. of course, the more you get, the more you want. apees me
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    I have done it and enjoyed it but this was in my SUB stage of my younger days. Licked random cum from places too. I am looking for yourth to be trained in this manner as it develops into a perfect adult man. What I find funny is how most of the replies are unsubscribed or with no photo. If you are real you won't hid your face. Thanks to those who don't hide and share their perversions openly. HOT.
    • I'll get around to adding a photo. Just joined this second. I am into watersports, love drinking from the fountain, but also in role-play scenario's I like being forced to lick the rim of the toilet pan after several guys have taken a leak over several days. All those inadvertent splashes that end up around the rim are nice and ripe for me to lick clean. Yum. The odd pubic hair is an added bonus. If I don't make a good job of it then my pants are pulled down and I am given a good, hard spanking.
    • "What I find funny is how most of the replies are unsubscribed or with no photo. If you are real you won't hid your face." says the unsubscribed poster.
  • I am a married "In the closet" faggot. I love male piss (and shit) and have been into the faggot lifestyle since very very young.

    If any wants me to perfom som acts in a public toilet, no matter how perverted, humiliating, degrading it is, let me know what you want, and I will do it and post pictures of it.I will undree or do it dressed, whatever you want.
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    Wish I could enjoy the stale piss out of urinals, where I live though the public toilets are kept so clean and I would just end up with a tongue covered in bleach - its not a pleasant sensation I can tell you!

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