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topic posted Sat, September 17, 2011 - 7:12 AM by  Kev's Boy
Am I the only one who get off on watching guys sitting on the can taking a dump? Or sitting in the next stall, jerking my cock listening to the sounds they make and breathing their scents?

I'd give anything to be on my knees in front of a hot guy while he sits on the toilet taking a shit. I'd have his soft cock in my mouth, drinking every drop of piss he gives me. Then he'd pull my head off his cock, spread his legs and push my face into his crotch so I could get a good whiff of his stink. He'd finish, stand up and turn around, then spread his cheeks so I could lick him clean. Hope I'd get to suck him off too.

I can't be the only one...
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Kev's Boy
Tampa Bay Area
  • It's my desire to take a shit with a group of guys in an all-male situation with open toilets or out in the back country, in any place where men gather and require no privacy for grunting, dropping a log, sighing and wiping up. Guys joke about the stink and brag about the size of their accomplishment after these casual, friendly dumps. A good healthy form of male bonding and camaraderie.
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      I like being watched while pissing or shitting, I would enjoy a place without any privacy where I can do such things .
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        In rural India men very often join with other men to take a dump.
        These are more often than not social events as well, and the conversation had during a good shit can be profound and deep.
        After all, you go to the event feeling heavy and full, and you come away feeling light, fresh and full of energy.
        • I'd love to have a meaningful conversation while doing a #2. I'm vegan and we have amazing stools—proud of 'em.

          I once had a trucker come into a restroom and strike up a conversation: "There's nothing like a good healthy shit," he said. Kinda stayed stuck in my mind.
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    I love lick the public toilets and drink and eat the residues pee, scat dirty, used paper and more from the chair or floor or garbage can!!! I found also undefined body secretions and taste and eat all, Always, in principle...!
  • dude, you're not the only one that gets turned on by this.

    when i was a teenager my best friend used to never shut the door when he took a dump - i think he did this so he could deliberately show off his cock to me. whenever his parents left we'd sneak his dad's porn mags out and look at em together and once he went into the bathroom right next to the bed where we were sittin looking at the mags and sat down on the toilet and took a leisurely crap while looking at the porn mag and commenting on the pictures while i watched from a few feet away. i could hear his farts and his logs hit the water in the toilet. his cock was hard from looking at the mags (supposedly) but i think he was hard from taking a dump in front of me. ever since then ive had a fantasy about suckin off dudes on the toilet while they take a big dump. we used to get into wrestling matches too where we'd get each other in a leg lock and sometimes fart deliberately on each other - i used to protest, but actually loved inhaling his farts. never done that as an adult but would love to relive a scene like that now.
    • y dad let some really unending stinky smells in the bathroom at home when I was in my teens. i actually got turned on by his smell he left.
      He used to be nude and sit on the toilet and talk to me and he always had his hand on his thick mantool and would scratch hhis pubes as he took his dumps...I would complain but I actually enjoyed smelling it mixed his cigarette smoke; it was totally HOT!
  • You are NOT the only one, man. That's real hot.....I love the sounds, smells and taste of men while they're taking a shit and afterward. Especially dirty asshole cleaning.
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    have always wanted to drink piss from a pervert sitting on the shitter....I ahve a fetish for skid marks in if he has his briefs around his ankles and they are dirty I can suck on them as well.... god fucking damn you would be hot to meet for an afternoon of pig play....
  • You aren't the only one Kev, I've had that same fantasy, would like to make it a reality...mmm....I luv looking under the divider and seeing the guys underwear and jeans by his shoes and wish I could sniff his dirty underwear and then like you, suck his cock and lick his dirty asshole...mmmm
  • Nothin better than sittin on the shitter, legs spread wide. pushin out the shit while a cocksucker services your big peter. When you're finished, a good tongue bath of your ass - cheeks, crack and hole - to get you nice and clean. Evey toilet ought to have that kind of service.
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    have any pics of hot younger (18 - 40) str8 guys sitting on the toilet? pref without them knowing they are being watched? maybe even drunk guys?
  • I was looking through a rather large glory hole once when this 20 something, semi-muscled guy hurried in to the stall next to me. He was wearing a grey wife beater and levi's and had one of those tribal tattoo's on his right arm. Anyway, he quickly dropped his pants but only squatted over the toilet bowl. He wouldn't sit down on the seat. I heard him push and I watched his shit drop from his ass and splash into the toilet. He waddled backward and pointed his big dick down at the water so he could piss too. His balls were dangling and I wished I could have just reached through the wall for them. He also wiped in that position a few times. I watched it all. I was mezmerized!

    Part of what I like about the whole thing is peeking thoguh a hole or under a high stall wall, always hoping to catch a glimps of their junk without them knowing.
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    I want to have my ass opened up until it's gaping, use a speculum to hold it open if necessary. I'll lay on my back, roll up onto my shoulders and we go hole to hole. You shit a fat, hot turd into my open hole, your cock hanging down in my face and pissing into my mouth. I really want to be a human toilet for men.

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