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Any good books or resources for creating meals that are healing?

Any good things to eat or drink to help with indigestion after surgery? They gave me some narcotics that I'm needing to detox.
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    Mon, November 7, 2011 - 8:01 AM
    I think you would have to give us some more info here to guide you in any kind of reasonable direction -- but

    a very good general nutrition and "food as medicine" book is Paul Pitchford's Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. I learned a lot from this book over the last 15 years and keep it around as a reference; and since I am the only one who really knows my body and my health, I find it helpful to research my own issues rather than out-sourcing from unknowns.
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    Sun, November 13, 2011 - 3:20 PM
    Ginger and mint are good for indigestion. And for other "healing" food, generally anything healthy is healing. Maybe go to the library and find some books by Dr. Neil Barnard. He wrote a few on foods for pain or diabetes management.
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    Sun, November 13, 2011 - 4:30 PM
    avoid spices and spicy roots.
    tarragon will work the same as ginger but *not* cause the spasms whch ginger root may induce.
    avoid apples for a while.
    smooth pectin foods made into a smoothy like banan and papa.
    just a little in portions like a fourth of a cup or a few spoonfulls.
    cottage cheese in a small portions.
    don't mix the food combinations for several days.
    Ice shavings put ice in a blender and have ice shavings which is the best.
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      Mon, November 14, 2011 - 2:29 AM
      Look up the Hay diet & food combining. It's designed so that as little energy as possible is utilised in the digestion process. Different enzymes are released to digest different foods and so these foods are isolated so that there is no internal fights or putrefaction of food internally.

      The basics are cut down or out all processed foods. Including refined sugar, white flour, alchohol & caffeine. Increase raw veg & cooked veg intake. Cut down on meat as much as possible Pork & Beef are the most indigestible of meats. Fish, Lamb & Foul are the best nutritional meats.

      Then its down to combinations. Change your meals to isolate elements. Have a carb meal (with no protein) and a protein meal (with no carbs) each day. No fruit with a carb meal unless you have it first and give it 15 minutes to digest, otherwise it putrifies & causes gas because the carb meal blocks its digestion. This is because fruit goes straight to the intestine for assimilation and the carbs require digestion in the stomach. Loads of salad & veg with any meal. Replace meat with whole grains as much as possible. Drop cows milk entirely - if you need milk use goats or sheeps milk. Live yoghurt is fine and use butter NOT vegetable or oil derivative spreads (they have a chemical composition close to plastic !).

      My standard day is :

      Breakfast : Fruit, muesli, nuts, seeds, yoghurt & rye bread toast.

      Snacks : Fruit, Veg

      Lunch : Carbs & Salad (i.e. savoury rice & salad etc.) and/or veg/fruit juice

      Snacks : Melon (by itself) or other fruit & veg

      Dinner : Meat & Veg & Salad, or substitute meat for whole grain dish - lentils, quinoa, buckwheat etc.

      Supper : Not usually but healthy cereals Granola, muesli etc. Fruit or whatever. Smoothies, Banana & Molasses MilkShake (Goats Milk)

      The mix changes for different people but this is best for me as the fruit breakfast essentially means that I am fasting for over 14 hours in every 24 hours.

      Only eat to 75% full and you are onto a winner.

      What happens is you begin to get maximum nutrition for everything and reduce the stress on the digestive system and minimise waste products that the body just stores. A colonic irrigation and fast are good ideas to prepare for this diet as this will clean the system and get it at maximum potential for assimilation of all nutrients.

      This diet has been used to treat many diseases and problems very successfully. It works at the beginning of all processes and maximises the potential of the body's building blocks. Coupled with a daily breathing, Chi Gong, Yoga practice you will be flying high in no time. I found it very hard to drop the carbs from the protein meal at first and often did not feel full. But the change in internal energy was so massive that it was worth sticking to until my system settled down and I realised that the old "full" feeling was actually due to food staying in the stomach for extended periods of time whilst it struggled to digest it !

      Hope that this helps and good luck.......
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        Mon, November 14, 2011 - 4:28 AM
        Are those good for post surgery.
        The food combing is helpful.
        I haven't ever seen hay's.
        never mix the potatoes with a flesh protien has always been suggested.
        the animal protien and starch thing together basically but grains which convert into proiten when having together are okay.
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          Mon, November 14, 2011 - 5:30 PM
          I like to keep it simple. Too many rules and "do's" and "don't's", and "mix this with that, but not with this, unless it's the third Wednesday of the month", etc. -- and I won't follow it, or most importantly, won't stick with it because it's too weird to maintain over time.

          I simply avoid junk food, processed food, fast food, and restaurants, by and large. Stay hydrated. Eat only until you're almost full -- don't stuff yourself.

          I have had much surgery myself, and on-going health problems -- but I'm surprisingly healthy, all things considered. A healthy diet and healthy attitude is a large part of it.
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            Mon, November 14, 2011 - 7:40 PM
            >"I simply avoid junk food, processed food, fast food, and restaurants, by and large. Stay hydrated. Eat only until you're almost full -- don't stuff yourself. "

            Let's give a hand to common sense.

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