High Blood Pressure

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My blood pressure is high, I just found out, and I'm not keen on the meds they perscribed. I know this is a serious issue, and want to help myself. In addition I just got a cortisone injection today for joint pain, and am now experiencing heart palpatations and can't sleep. I'm now reading that cortisone is derived from cortisol which is adrenal glad fight flight chemical. Really not a good idea I realize now for someone w/high blood pressure.

Any one with experience in foods helping bring down blood pressure? I'm not overweight, don't smoke, and don't drink. But have been under stress due to pain from an injury.

much love to you all here.

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    Thu, December 2, 2010 - 9:27 AM
    Cooking for yourself and not adding one bit of salt and avoiding anything with salt in it might help.

    Also, I read that if you are taking inhaled steroids, such as Advair, it will increase your blood pressure. I don't think you are taking any inhaled steroids though. You didn't mention any breathing problems due to asthma.

    Sometimes high blood pressure is herditary. I'm not sure much can be done about that except for the above mentioned things to avoid.

    I wish you luck and do keep us posted.

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      Thu, December 2, 2010 - 9:35 AM
      Wondering if there are foods tat bring dow systemic iinflamation and bood pressure.
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        Thu, December 2, 2010 - 9:40 AM
        >Wondering if there are foods tat bring bood pressure.

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          Thu, December 2, 2010 - 9:57 AM
          A good strong yellow curry is probably the most potent way to get it in ya! It's also used in American yellow mustard for color. This is a spice that I don't use separately - I have a fave pre-blended curry powder... So unfortunately I don't have a lot of specific recipes...

          Best wishes on your recovery & health!
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            Thu, December 2, 2010 - 12:36 PM
            you do need a bit of salt fo rhelath6y living.
            STOP eatign any processed food. Stop eatign canned foods. Replace with fresh veggies. STOP eatign anything with hydrogenated fats.
            Getting blood pressure down is a logn time endeavor- you can do it but you have to make changes.

            also reduce stress
            tai chi
            slwpo swimming

            I knwo injuries make more stress.. some teach get fit where you sit and chair yoga.. so there are things you can do.

            best wishes
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              Thu, December 2, 2010 - 12:49 PM
              sorry re typos.. you used to be able to go back and edit..
              slow swimming
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                Thu, December 2, 2010 - 3:20 PM
                Chair yoga...that sounds great! Any good sites or resources for that.

                I don't have far to go as far as my eating habits. I eat primarily fresh produce and grains. Not a big salty food eater either, so was surprised to see my blood pressure where it was. I drink almond milk on my oatmeal, and noticed there's some sodium in that. Wonder what the limit is on salt. I think you need some.

                Just not too much.

                Looking into garlic and hawthorn as herbs that support bp health.

                Still open to hearing what works with others.
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                  Thu, December 2, 2010 - 3:45 PM
                  You definitely need salt. Your electrical system (heart) runs on salt and other minerals. You have taste buds specifically dedicated to salt - we are programmed to want and need it!

                  Since you are already such a healthy, unprocessed eater, it's likely that your BP problems are genetic. Nobody wants to go on a drug regimen but don't close your mind to it - you may eventually need it since your diet doesn't appear to need correcting..
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        Sun, February 13, 2011 - 8:13 PM
        >>Wondering if there are foods tat bring dow systemic iinflamation<<

        Large doses of vitamin D3 (unless you spend a lot of time outdoor and expose a good portion of your skin to the full sun). Takes a while to build up, but it brings down inflammation. Also strengthens the immune system and helps regulate calcium metabolism... Keeping blood Ph alkaline (around Ph 8) is essential in keeping the body functioning properly. An acidic climate (Ph 5 and lower) is bacteria friendly. When bacteria coat our cells, they may become "misidentified" as foreign bodies and attacked. Autoimmune dysfunction in short (not to suggest bacteria are the only cause of autoimmune disturbances).
        So vitamin D3 strengthens the system and helps modulate inflammation factors while maintaining proper blood Ph (through diet) keeps bacteria at bay. Processed foods are acidic... Proper hydration is key.

        Best of luck with your health.
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    Fri, December 3, 2010 - 3:19 PM
    I agree with yogamoon on meditation and yoga. Many yoga positions can be modified for injuries.

    One simple thing I'd suggest is brewing some strong chamomile tea and drinking it everyday, it's an anti inflamitory and to my knowlege doesn't interfere with any meds.
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    Sat, December 4, 2010 - 1:24 AM
    I don't think that all that many of us here are doctors or medical professionals.

    Frankly, your questions are all over the board and are certainly ones you might want to discuss with a someone that's well versed in the maladies you seem to be having to deal with.

    Having said that I think the one thing you might want to immediately start off doing is monitoring your salt intake.

    Simple? Sure. But one step at a time.
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      Sat, December 4, 2010 - 11:25 PM
      I definitly need a good health care contact to explain all of this to me. The problem was that I went to be seen for an injury (in a clinic) and they discovered the blood pressure issue, but didn't take the time to explain it to me, just said to take meds.

      They didn't even listen to my heart.

      Since I normally don't go to drs. I don't have one to talk to. (I usually go to accupunturists)

      So, I'm a bit daunted and uncomfortable in the western medicine world...that can be helpful, or really it was for me.
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        Sun, December 5, 2010 - 12:45 AM
        I am a CMT Healer and I can read your energy if that of a type of panic there may be some emotional psychological issues you are having that is preventing you from healing and getting healthy
        The healing and Health process I have found is of great pleasure and to remember that I accept these forms as I am willing to change grow adapt and evolve
        You may have hummingbird spirit energy as I do not know you but am familiar with Hummingbird and have saved a few from dying of lack of calories the easiest way for them to die as people are destroying their naturally availble food.

        (on another note do not feed Hummingbird any honey as they can get fungus infection and use whole sugars for their nectar instead of white refined. and during rescue rehabilitation you can also feed them corn syrup they like very much. They, Hummingbird, survives off of nectar from succulent blossoms such as agave and other trumpet like flowers, a little tree sap for nutrients, and I believe sometime a bug not sure. Hummingbird is soft gentle quick and courageous but very sensitive. They are amongst some of the most adept travelers and can cross very large distances and migrate but need a lot of calories. They eat with a tiny tongue like a needle or thread. They are possesive of resources and very communicative and community oriented. Bats are similar in their need for nectar to survive their migrations.)

        I feel that maybe water can be an issue of interest to you. Someone earlier mentioned salt. I would advice weening off of salt actually and only using a small sprinkle of sea salt in your food that is otherwise unsalted, including soy sauces miso etc. in that case you would want to avoid those salty food for intake unless in small amounts. Being around a bird bath can help ease your pain until you are ready to find your Yes. It is also a great way to balance your body and lower blood pressure simply by being near a body of water. You can add a crystal in it. Make the water very nice to drink by using good drinking type of water. Add a rose floating on top or just a petal or a leaf. Listen to your intuition. Many times intuition can give you your answers and help with their timing and scynchronization. Adding some flower essence to your water can be helpful too or misting it in your auric field.

        Generally following what is of benefit and harmony will bring you your peace and fill you with the love and light you deserve. Maybe even a new venture or study could be beneficial. A nature retreat can be a good idea where there's understanding and perhaps support people with new or inspiring ideas. Studying the Moon. Learning the Tarot. Sitting with a tree. Perhaps welcoming even more energies that are benefitial and encouraging of hummingbird like learning their wonders or what they like to eat and how to keep them safe from the house cat. This has happened to 2 adoleccent Hummingbirds that had egged and hatched in the yard on the Ivy.

        I will tell you an MD is most likely going to only respond by giving you your pills or their pills. Sadly it is up to ourselves and our communities like these to reaalistically provide the Health Care we need. Though Hummingbird can seem very sporatic, they are actually very steady in their life but need fuel to go on for what seems like forever. What is the fuel you need? Why do you need it? Why does being unhealthy scare you and put you in emotional or psychological unrest?

        A simple thing to do is to stop eating foods that are cooked with oils unless coconut and not injesting dairy and I recommend switching to better grain than wheat if you are in need of a grain though I do not eat much grain at all. Sometimes our health is at the mercy of what we believe is something that we "need" but in reality sometimes it is easier to let it go or be and to change or be like the wind.

        A great Chinese tonic for any ailment is Reishi or Ling Zhi in Chinese, reishi is actually japanese
        the red would be for heart or blood for the fire element
        it is a bitter medicine good for up energy
        The Black Ling Zhi is good for down energy and for Water also affecting the salt we have been mentioning
        Black Ling Zhi is also not bitter at all. The preferred Lingzhi or Reishi is that from the mycellium so if you buy raw dry product of Ling Zhi it is better if it isn't glossy on the skin but powdery from the myceliium spores
        Tinctures of pills of Ling Zhi often are from the Mycellium but they are washing the whole product and then they are sold unknowingly to the public unwhole like refined processed foods

        If you are interested in the HUM one can do that like an OM
        stretched out into a chant if you'd like I can refer you to the Bee Priestess' Bee Chant and that vibrational healing is very in tune with Hummingbird energy as well

        Namaste Blesszings
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          Sun, December 5, 2010 - 8:32 AM
          Faey gave you soem excellent info.
          I amnto an intuitive healer.. so I stick with: be sure you are getting enough water; reduce salt an duse sea salt as sourcebut be sure you get SOME; removing wheat and replacing with millet, nuts, rice.. etc; I woudl not eliminate dairy but chane to white cheeses and yogurt and almost no milk Vitamin D!.

          The softness of being in a bird area is akin to meditation and peace.
          An accupuncrurist can talk to you about different qualities of heartbeat.
          If you went to see a medical professional because of an ijury you were hurting and likely the pressure was higher than normal due to fear, anxiety etc.

          Be at peace and let us know how things go.
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    Re: High Blood Pressure

    Mon, December 6, 2010 - 11:18 AM
    There are lots of things that help.
    Help, being the operative word. Maybe if you do all of them or some substantial percentage it might be sufficient??
    That would all depend on a bunch of things not the least of which would include the level of your blood pressure, your history, the actual cause of your blood pressure, and other genetic and health factors unique to you.

    My suggestion is you take the friggin pills - - - AND - - - do all the other stuff like get an hour or more of exercise each week.

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    Sun, December 26, 2010 - 6:06 AM
    Rereading this - please .. you have to have salt in your diet.

    One caveat with all these tribes is that no one on here is a practicing MD or ND or accupuncturist.

    Be wary of absolutes.

    Since you didn't say what that number for your blood pressure is .. you don't have a way to know how high it is. There are variances. Your accupuncturist knows a lot about blood pressure. They generally havebeen trained to analyze blood flow in veins several ways.

    You can if you wish purchase a blood pressure cuff and small machine which once calibrated can be used often. This way, you can knwo if situations are causing an increase or if you have a regular number. One caveat with this - it is a cute little machine and one coudl becoem obsessed with checking it.
    Blood pressure changes in a day depending on amount of activity, food, being in stress- normal stress liek traffic density and normal frustration may cause it to heighten.

    You can call for your records on that day and get the number recorded. That will help you to uunderstand what was intended.
    Again, be thoughtful and aware of just taking advice off the internet. Some comments although made with intent of sharing good or an idea are nto always from sound sources.
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    Sun, December 26, 2010 - 6:21 AM
    Reduce salt intake. Practice Yoga as follows.

    Inhale from left nostril keeping right nostril closed by your right hand thumb and exhale from right nostril by keeping left nostril closed by 3rd and 4th right hand fingers. It is called Chandra Nadi Bhed Pranayam. Be careful don't do reverse, it will shoot up your blood pressure. Practice this 10 minutes a day. Probably, within a weeks time, your blood pressure would be under control.

    if possible take help of Yoga expert for this one.
    • Re: High Blood Pressure

      Sun, December 26, 2010 - 1:42 PM
      Thanks for your ideas, and thanks Viyay for reminding me of alternate nostil breathing. That is very balancing, and I have practiced it before. I have been doing some meditation/breath work, and have a bio rhythm program from Heart Math, I'm going to check out.

      I will be going to an accupuncturist soon, so will talk about it more with him.
      • Re: High Blood Pressure

        Sun, December 26, 2010 - 6:12 PM
        if u'd like to add soluble fiber Psyillum husk is great
        • Re: High Blood Pressure

          Mon, December 27, 2010 - 4:50 PM
          what is a CMT healer?
          • Re: High Blood Pressure

            Wed, December 29, 2010 - 1:17 AM
            CMT is certified Massage Therapist not that I value certificates
            actually I dabate whether I should even say I am a CMT because of how much value I have for Healing and all the ways of the Healer not respected due to the discrimination of biases from certifications degrees etc
            • Re: High Blood Pressure

              Wed, December 29, 2010 - 1:38 AM
              yes, well, there is foundation of anatomy and physiology in certified massage therapist training. There is a great deal of information about bodies as well as dis-ease and health. practical learning and supervised training as well as following rules and having ethics. First aid.

              People who pronounce themselves as healers.. sometimes do so with little or NO formal training.. just a desire to be a 'healer' and possibly a smattering of training OR just reading or just drawing from experience of what happpened with their own body. Bodies are different. Blood chemistry is different in people. Biochemmistry is not required in either massage therapy nor healing training. Nor is grammar nor spelling or paragraph construction.
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                Wed, January 12, 2011 - 8:58 AM
                I had High Blood pressure too, for which I was prescribed medication. Instead of going the medication path I went vegetarian, cut back on my alcohol intake and did cardio exercise 1 to 3 times a week. My blood pressure is now a healthy normal (less than 120/80) and my resting heart rate is 60 or less. The change only took 3 months.
      • Re: High Blood Pressure

        Tue, December 28, 2010 - 7:16 PM
        Sorry, it i not alternate breathing. It is one way inhaling from left nostril and exhaling from right nostril. all the time whatever u deicde i.e. 10 minutes or more.
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    Re: High Blood Pressure

    Mon, January 31, 2011 - 10:19 AM
    Kimchee is good for blood pressure.

    I prefer Benecair though. At least that's what my MD gives me and it works.
    • Re: High Blood Pressure

      Wed, February 9, 2011 - 3:14 PM
      I'm learning that your blood pressure issues can have many causes. I'm not very clear on how to determine if it's genetic, or a lifestyle thing. Because of a long term injury, I've not been able to run around, or even walk around too much. I love love love walking, and really miss it.

      I have another dr. appointment for next week (earliest I could get in) and will try to get a better understanding of this.

      In the meanwhile, I focusing on what I can do. Reduce salt, healthy food, calming down and breathing...talking to pharmacists about options, doing research online. Bottom line is, I need to get my bp down as soon as I can.

      Thanks for help. I've heard some good things about Benicar...also Azor.... I can see it's a process of finding what's good for me. One thing that helps me is knowing that as my other injury gets better, and I pick up my old lifestyle of movement, I may not need to be so vigielent about my bp....but even that I don't know yet. It's a guess.
      • Re: High Blood Pressure

        Wed, February 9, 2011 - 4:46 PM
        Hi Taro,

        I had a foot injury which really cut back on my favorite activities and I knew would increase blood pressure over time.
        I ended up getting onto ho tyoga - this reduced my blood pressure and kept me outof the gym from doing injurious activities and it go tme healed.
        I still do it and I am fine now.

        There is also getfitwher eyousit.. a yoga training for those whose movement is restricted a lot. It is very popular and successful.
        Good Healing to you
  • Re: High Blood Pressure

    Wed, September 21, 2011 - 9:39 AM
    Hey Jeannie,
    Please look into raw veganism. It's great that you are eliminating animals and animal products through veganism but you are still consuming a lot of cooked un-nutritious foods. Through raw veganism, (uncooked fruits, vegetables, and occasionally nuts and seeds) I definitely think you'll be able to heal yourself and be gone with your high blood pressure. There are lots of resources on raw veganism and a living food lifestyle just by googling raw vegan.
    Good luck!

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