Pluto transit Opposite Venus

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Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about the upcoming shift of pluto into Capricorn and how it will impact Venus in Cancer by opposition?
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      Mon, January 28, 2008 - 5:53 PM
      hmmm and Pluto will be in Capricorn for a long I better get used to it.....:-(

      but on the plus side my natal chart I have Venus square Pluto maybe I will like this Pluto transit
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        Mon, January 28, 2008 - 8:50 PM
        more info

        Pluto Opposite Venus (transiting to natal)

        Jealousy, possessiveness and uncontrollable anger could cause
        conflicts in romance and marriage, and yet heightened powerful
        passions will increase your sex drive. This combination could
        either produce fiery passion..strengthening already inextricable
        bonds of love...or the blazing tempers and rows which could tear
        the relationship apart. The temptation to succumb to a secret
        love affair may prove irresistible. Unexpected events may
        certainly cause disruption in your love life - and you may become
        involved in an intense whirlwind love affair. Emotions will be
        both unpredictable and unstable.


        Pluto Transits in Aspect to Natal Venus: Pluto intensifies everything it touches. Hopefully, you will have a decent relationship going when this one hits. If you don’t have any, then this could be a frustrating period because this tends to increase your sex drive. A lot. Pluto rules the deep subconscious and all your inner desires, frustrations, and hang-ups start to come to the surface during the stressful transiting aspects. This time, they can affect your love life. Pluto can’t stand anything shallow. It wants depth and intensity. Even obsession. If you have a stressful aspect, watch out for power struggles. Your partners may try to dominate or manipulate you during this time. You might try to do the same to them. If you are an artist or work at something creative, you will start to feel a need to produce something more significant, more intense. Go with that feeling. The smooth aspects (sextile and trine) tend to produce the intensity without most of the stress. Don’t forget to look at the House that Venus occupies in you birth chart. If it is in your 4th House, for instance, this transit may manifest as a desire to fix up your house, or even to move. Also, check the houses that have either Libra or Taurus on the cusp (beginning). They can be affected as well. For example, if you have Libra on the cusp of the 9th House (long journeys and higher education) you may have a desire to travel to some far-off, exotic, and mysterious place. Or you could want to take an art course. Several of these could manifest at once.
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    Mon, January 28, 2008 - 8:51 PM
    Pluto transits opposition Venus

    ~Your desire for love and its physical expression is strong, but you may not find it easy to express this need. A more compulsive or obsessive quality marks your relationships and, instead of looking for someone whose values are similar to or compatible with your own, you may attract someone whose values clash with yours. There is the possibility of attracting a member of the underworld set, someone who is already attached or someone who is looking only for sex, rather than a person capable of making both the sacrifices and the commitment you deem necessary. Keep your standards high now, so you can come upon a love which fulfills alt your needs. If you aren't already in love, you may be tempted to start a relationship with anyone just so you won't be alone. Avoid this; aim for an attachment based on love, trust, and a genuine relationship which will deepen, not disintegrate, with time.

    *Romance and sexuality are the key issues now. Your sexual drive is particularly strong now, and you are driven by a strong need to achieve a deeper level of fulfillment in your love relationships. At times during this time period you are not able to constrain your compulsive feelings, and you are prone to dispense with reason, logic, rational judgment, ethics, and taboos.

    +You may not appreciate how others insist on getting personal, or your own prying and inner diggings may not be enjoyed. The intensely sensitive psychological material you are coming up with rubs the wrong way, upsetting your own value system.
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    Thu, February 7, 2008 - 3:43 AM
    Um, I have natal Venus in 0 degrees Cancer and I can tell you, ALL of the above is EXACTLY what is happening with me. The planets don't lie! Especially when it came to the day of the exact opposition - oh my god! (Unfortunately, I have a big Neptune squaring my Sun & Mercury transit going on at the same time, so I am feeling especially delusional about these Pluto/Venus events and issues...)

    Strange, sometimes I feel as though I've willed this all to happen in a weird way, as though I've asked for the mess I've gotten into, as though it's been slowly building up to some kind of passionate/heart-wrenching crescendo that's going to last all year... It's been amazing and very scary. No one's been able to give me any advice that has helped in any way, except (and I'm not a 'religious' person, per se) 'Better start praying!"
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    Sat, March 27, 2010 - 2:28 PM
    well, it's happening to me since January 2010 and supposedly should last until mid 11/11. I've been obsessed with love and enormously frustrated with past and current love and relationships. I keep on thinking of what could have been, what should have been, and what I'd like there to be. I'm even convinced, in a deluded way, that if I will my love out into the universe, my dreams will come true...i have so much energy i'm working out like when i was 19 years old, and it feels so good, as if everything from the past is about to come full circle any day now.
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    Re: Pluto transit Opposite Venus

    Tue, March 30, 2010 - 8:45 AM
    I've had this transit 25 years ago (venus in the 4th, pluto in the 10th) and I was obsessed with love too. My lover was 14 years older, just divorced and only using me for sex, but I refused to see that. The obsession lasted as long as the transit did. After that, the magic faded away very fast and pretty soon I could hardly stand the guy. All in all it was a wonderful time though. I had a neptune / venus transit going on at the same time and thoroughly enjoyed art & beauty. I worked as a nude model for artists during the years of the transit. That job turned out to be the perfect vessel for me to express my own intense feelings, as I was often free to choose a position as a model. I often chose quite dramatic poses.

    Currently I have transiting pluto trine my venus. I'm in a stable relationship and my main focus is on values & money. So far, I did not feel an increased need for sex or even obsession. OK, during the weeks when the transit was close, i felt an increased need for reassurance from my man. I asked him every 5 minutes if he still loved me, so to speak, LOL. I really, really needed to hear that.
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      Sun, April 25, 2010 - 11:08 AM
      Hmmm great Pluto will oppose My natal Venus in 2014......but I have Venus Square Pluto already......which means I'm always obsessed with my love ....I hope this doesn't make me act crazy......this will probably increase the feelings X10.....but at the same time that is going to happen Pluto will start to square my natal Midheaven, Pluto, and then Mars.......well this is gonna sound fun.....not!

      I have already been thru some very tough transits ( not a fun time)......well it looks like more to come...I don't know how much I can take...ugh
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    Sun, May 2, 2010 - 3:58 PM
    Hi, iv'e joined this post cause i feel finally i have some answers to what is going on with me. i look up transits every week and i had a disturbing saturn square venus for some time, and used this to understand why i've been having so much trouble in my love life. but saturn had just shifted into libra, releasing me of the square for now, but still something is terribly wrong. then i noticed, this persistent pluto opposition venus, so i looked it up, read that it's a sign of brake-ups and romantic challenges. what's amazing is, exactly when this transit happened i was in a relationship, two mostly happy years, then a very charming stranger came into my life, pulled me into a crazy love affair that lasted shortly, but caused a great damage. although very loving me and my partner couldn't get over this, his shadow was on us all the time, and ultimately, after a year struggle, we gave up and separated (this happened during the saturn square venus transit). what is worst, i am still deeply possessed with the other guy. i feel like i'm in love with him and can't get over this, although he has a gf now and we can't keep in touch. what you say here, obsessions, immense sex drive, separations, all has happened, to it's full extreme. what i worry about, is that i don't know how long this transit will affect my chart. it seems i'm strung up on this obsession, i can't seem to find anyone that interests me, i turn down a lot of options and i'm mostly very alone because i can't open to the possibilities. i know this is not a love thread.. but i would appreciate information about how long this is going to last, and what to expect, so i can have some hope for the future.. thanks :)
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      Mon, May 3, 2010 - 11:10 AM
      For me the transit and the impossible relationship that accompanied the transit, lasted for 3 years. All those years I was totally obsessed with 'him' while he did not share those feelings. After the obsession faded away, it took me about 14 years to really deeply fall in love again with someone else. I suppose the intensity of this aspect / transit can be addictive, and after it passes away, I kept on looking for the same intensity - which of course was no longer "available" anymore.
      Let's hope you are more lucky than I was.
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        Mon, May 3, 2010 - 12:23 PM
        Thank you for sharing. I think the longevity of this transit is what bothers me most, i've read it's going to last 14 years. I'm asking myself, how am i going to avoid this search for intensity, in a way that will help me not get in into relationships that will not protect my emotional needs, given i will eventualy get over my attraction to this guy, and the feelings of "faith" and "destiny" that go with it. from the outside this must seem like an easy job, doing what's good for you, but what happenes when your idea of what's good for you is affected by the attraction to experience something more deep and intense, that hurts you, but feels like the right thing? even now, i have this fear that i'm not going to fall in love, that i've had my share. you say it was 14 years, im not ready to wait that long, and neither for the possibility that i will have to sattle for less.
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          Re: Pluto transit Opposite Venus

          Mon, May 3, 2010 - 11:11 PM
          June, it all depends on your chart. In my case, nearly all my planets occupy approximately the same degree. And it takes approximately 12 to 20 years for pluto to travel in one sign. So in my case i had to wait for the next pluto transit in order to feel the same intensity again. Most likely your planets are more scattered so you won't have to wait for 14 years.
          Apart from that, I would not worry about things in a distant future. Things only get better when you get older. It's called wisdom.
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            Tue, May 4, 2010 - 4:32 AM
            not so sure they do... it didn't work that way for my parents, who got more frustrated and tormented as years went by. i think awareness and understanding can help me to be prepared better, which is what i'm trying to do here. regarding my chart, both venus and mercury in cancer, 2nd and 5th degree. 'i'm a gemini, scorpio ASC (bordering sagittarius) , leo moon, jupiter, saturn and pluto in libra. neptune first house.
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    Sun, August 1, 2010 - 5:45 PM
    I have Venus @ 3 degrees for me.... this opposition is across the 4-house(Venus)..10-house(Pluto) axis. The intensity of the career/home issues have been tremendous. Power struggles/deception in my work situation..and a feeling that although I love my home (and my goats...these came into my life when Pluto first fentered Capricorn)..I want to leave everything...,my home (get out of debt) and start over in another city. But I want to take my goats w/ me..

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