are we really that nice? :)

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Hi there little tribe! Thought I say hello finally. :)

So what about our Venus in Libra?

For me it's quite hard to pin dow just how this Venus works in my chart, considering that I'm a Scorpio with Mars in Saggitarius.

Been reading the interpretations, and yes I'm kind and friendly and kinda sophisticated and quite a good looking gal, but almost all the interpretations seemed to lack certain do i say that...punch.

(It may be that my Scorpio cannot but dig for some dirt on this possibly too sophisticated placement. Or it may be that it's interpreted too stereotypically. )

So, what would you say are the downfalls of this placement?

(Let's just disregard the push-over thing that comes up in the interpretations quite often--that, I think, is oversimplification and I'm no push over whatsoever. )

Anybody detached? Picky? Sometimes frivolous? Sucker for a real pretty face? Suffering from the relationship ADD? ;-)

xxx, Hannah
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    Thu, January 25, 2007 - 10:38 PM
    Yes, yes and yes yes. I'm a Scorpio with Venus in Libra (Mars in Virgo), and I tend to come off nice when I'm getting to know someone, but it's all a mask to find out who they really are. It's a bad habit of mine. Sometimes it's better to think about love, the real thing is always so disappointing.

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      Re: are we really that nice? :)

      Fri, January 26, 2007 - 7:30 AM
      Huh, the Venus in Libra people are often accused of being in love with the idea of love, and me thinks not quite wrongfully so. ;-)

      Takes a lot of conscious effort to accept the reality of love and to enjoy it. A hard road. Have to admit, I still relapse from time to time. (Libra stellium, she sighed..)

      I recommend another Scorpio for the purpose of learning about the real & good love. ;-)
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        Fri, January 26, 2007 - 7:52 AM
        Hmmm... I have a Libra stellium too, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, all holding hands across my fourth and fifth houses.

        I really resented being told by an astrologer (when I was 17, imagine that) that I was in love with love. Maybe this has to do with my scorpio sun, always wanting to get to the bottom of things and reveal truth. I *still* don't think I'm in love with love, and I *do* think I see the realities of the people I'm involved with. Their realities just happen to be more beautiful than they or anyone else has previously concieved of. ;)

        But I will say that I spend a lot of time pondering the nature of love itself, and what it's all about. I think Venus in Libras can be rather idealistic about love. Let's remember that Libra is all about Fairness and Justice. Love isn't always fair, and this is something that can (and has) tripped me up in the past.

        There's a song I like where this person is basically saying, it hurts that we have to end this, but I just can't justify your love. I'm not even sure what that means, but it seems to have a Venus in Libra theme.
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          Re: are we really that nice? :)

          Fri, January 26, 2007 - 8:13 AM
          My Libra stellium, in the 7th Leo house (alas!), often confuses me… as if being a Scorpio with Aqu rising isn’t puzzling enough in itself. Hehehe!

          In my case, being in love with love meant being in love with storms and intensity (emotional, intellectual ...blah blah)…poor guys were cast to play my own personal Ted Hugheses & Heathcliffs…I’m a Sco gal after all. :- )

          Took me a lot of unlearning & getting to know myself better and to overcome this.

          P.S. Off topic, is there a tribe for water signs with loads of air in their chart? :-)
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            Fri, January 26, 2007 - 9:50 PM
            Hmm....try having Venus in Libra and Moon in Aries. Opposition, always swinging between independence and intimacy.
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              Re: are we really that nice? :)

              Thu, February 8, 2007 - 2:17 AM
              Yeh, I hear you. Though with me it's the matter of my Aquarius Asc & Sag Mars vs my Libra Venus.

              Plus, I thik Venus conj Jupiter may contribute to my ADD. Or Venus semisquare Uranus...Well, I don't know...Lots to learn about astrology. And yet there are soooo many other things I'm interested in...:-)
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          Tue, July 17, 2007 - 11:42 PM
          What a marvelous insight; the Libran scales of justice applied to the essence of Venus. Now i see why i've always liked this song.

          Justify My Love, written by Lenny Kravitz, additional lyrics by Madonna

          I wanna kiss you in Paris
          I wanna hold your hand in Rome
          I wanna run naked in a rainstorm
          Make love in a train cross-country
          You put this in me
          So now what, so now what?

          Wanting, needing, waiting
          For you to justify my love

          Hoping, praying
          For you to justify my love

          I want to know you
          Not like that
          I don't wanna be your mother
          I don't wanna be your sister either
          I just wanna be your lover
          I wanna be your baby
          Kiss me, that's right, kiss me

          Wanting, needing, waiting
          For you to justify my love

          Hoping, praying
          For you to justify my love

          Yearning, burning
          For you to justify my love

          What are you gonna do?
          What are you gonna do?
          Talk to me -- tell me your dreams
          Am I in them?
          Tell me your fears
          Are you scared?
          Tell me your stories
          I'm not afraid of who you are
          We can fly!

          Poor is the man
          Whose pleasures depend
          On the permission of another
          Love me, that's right, love me
          I wanna be your baby

          Wanting, needing, waiting
          For you to justify my love

          Hoping, praying
          For you to justify my love

          I'm open and ready
          For you to justify my love
          To justify my love
          Wanting, to justify
          Waiting, to justify my love
          Praying, to justify
          To justify my love
          I'm open, to justify my love
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    Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Wed, February 7, 2007 - 6:35 PM
    Hey Yall, im new to this tribe so i thought id say HI! Anyway, i think its true that librans are said to be "in love with love" I have Moon, Venus and Rising Libra and cant help but be in love with love. Its tough to remain objective and not fall into things. So i totally agree its true. I also think its tough to figure out just what it means to have those 2 planets and a rising sign in Libra. It seems as though once you've read one "description" of a sign in libra, you've read them all. I guess im wondering how the individual planets and rising are affected by libra. BTW i have Sun in Leo.
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    Tue, July 17, 2007 - 11:25 PM
    Venus' home is Libra; it finds its power there, much as does Scorpio in Mars. It's like a power focus. such foci are often the most powerful placements in the natal chart.

    I too am a Scorpio Sun with Venus in Libra; the equilibrist and the extremist wrapped-up in one. a living, breathing yin-yang.
  • Nice? Hardly Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Tue, July 17, 2007 - 11:37 PM
    Mario and Hannah, both of you are Scorpio Suns with Venus in Libra? Maybe we should make a new tribe.
    By the by, i've got Libra in Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto

    Gleaned this stuff from the WWW over the course of trying to understand myself through Western astro. Maybe it'll help youse

    Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon:
    the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a socially warm, enthusiastic personality, with a good deal of charisma and poise. The great intensity of Scorpio, producing an abundance of energy and vitality, is socialized by the amiable and breezy Libra. The blend marries the emotional forces, determination and will of Scorpio to the perceptiveness, mental equilibrium and friendliness of Libra. You are a likable and charming person who is certainly able to capture the hearts and minds of men, by being eager to please and ready to help. There is a degree of vanity in your nature giving you a strong sense of exactly how things should look. You insist on balance and harmony in your environment, and this definitely extends to your personal dress and appearance. Your surroundings must be up to the standard that you consider acceptable, and your friends must, likewise, live up to your rather lofty standards, preferably living on the "right side of the tracks," as well. A suspicious nature, absent in your youth, develops a you mature. As this occurs, you become less direct, and more discriminating. Your judgment in maturity contains an extraordinarily high degree of good taste and idealism. Your self-confidence amounts almost to pride, but rarely becomes offensive. You know how to put everyone at ease and make an incomparable host/hostess. Your circle of friends is wide and diverse. In romantic relationships you are keenly "tuned-in" to the other, and you are tolerant of their wishes and always sensitive to their needs.

    Sun sign: Scorpio, Moon sign: Libra
    An odd mix this since you live in the depths of your feelings and can be superficially sociable. You never quite know what to do with your feelings. Part of you wants to be passionately, emotionally intertwined with another. Part of you wants a spacy, chatty , harmonious relationship which includes friends and not too much hassle. Unfortunately while your Scorpio Sun is prepared to put up with the agonies for the sake of the ecstasies, your Libra Moon is not. It wants everlasting peace and niceness. Scorpio knows you have to go down into the gutter sometimes to find the gold nuggets. Libra is so snobbish and fastidious it cannot conceive of anything being bearable which is not elegant, expensive and socially acceptable. You will find trouble marrying the two parts of yourself together never mind finding a mate who fits. But it will happen because your Libra Moon needs another half and your Scorpio Sun certainly wants a strong connection. Being a water air person you veer between feeling and thinking. Because you are a highly sensitive being you sometimes disappear into your day dreams and fantasies as a way of escaping the difficulties of real life. You are peculiarly sensitive to the opinions of others.

    The Libra Moon is the most artistic of the Moons. This Moon will do anything in order to avoid a conflict (and, in fact, all general unpleasantness), but needs to learn how to handle such conflicts and be aware that facing a problem head-on in the best method of dealing with it. The Libra Moon possesses exquisite taste and is a coordinating expert. This is a charming Moon with a gentle and peace-loving nature which desires a harmonious environment in beautiful surroundings. This Moon finds crude behavior, poor manners and foul language exceedingly offensive. The Libra Moon prefers shared rather than solitary experiences.

    In general, the personality of those whose Moon sign is in Libra produces an individual who likes to make friends. These are very sociable souls who are attracted to people and situations that present a sense of balance. Those governed by the Libra Moon look for partnerships in all aspects of, business and friendships. As perceived by others, those governed by the Moon in Libra are considered to be popular, affectionate and generous. In short, the life of the Libra Moon individual will likely revolve around people. Most often, this means only one with a powerful persuasion over the life of the Libra Moon subject. Here, the inherent love of people, company and sociality can blind those ruled by the Libra Moon to the effects of others' influence, and personal judgment can easily be swayed by those around them. There is usually artistic potential, whether or not the Libra Moon person has explored it, and this explains the love of music, paintings and fine arts in general so often associated with Libra Moon individuals. Such persons have a good fashion sense coupled with a harmonious outlook on life...partnerships and balance are invariably the key themes. Libra Moon people are usually influenced by those around them and are much more productive in the company of others. Being both charming and creative, those governed by the Moon in Libra possess excellent diplomatic skills, but the ability to see both sides can sometimes lead to a "sitting on the fence" attitude. Nonetheless, such a person has the ability to be a wonderful peacemaker when others are locked in a dispute and findings are normally beautifully articulated. The Moon in Libra indicates a great love for taking on new projects, but a tendency toward boredom once the initial excitement begins to wear thin.

    Libra Moon Influence On The Water Signs
    (Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)
    Provides a strong imagination and intuitive aspect to the personality

    Some Famous Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon Personalities
    * Fanny Brice * Kate Capshaw * Leonardo DeCaprio * Edwin Hubble * Kate Jackson * Dave Loggins *
    * Marie Antoinette of France * Dennis Miller * Estelle Parsons * Ted Turner *

    Gavin Rossdale of Bush
    Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon

    If the Scorpio makes him magnetic, his Libra Moon makes him enchanting! Gavin Rossdale was blessed with a balance both creativity and intellect. An intense Scorpio, he is probably consumed by his work much of the time. Yet Libra moonchildren require partnerships to be truly happy. Notice Gavin's ability to maintain a mostly long distance relationship with Gwen Stefani despite their incredibly demanding careers. Scorpio gives him loyalty and a need for privacy. His Libra Moon gives him a desire for the affection of a steady partner. Gavin may be reluctant to announce his romantic plans to the world though, since Scorpios tend to be private about their personal feelings.
    A Scorpio Sun and Libra Moon together form an imaginative individual with a very balanced approach toward life. We're not likely to get dramatic scenes or sensational stories from Gavin Rossdale. His decisons are calculated and well thought out and even when it comes to love, he needs a girl who's an intellectual match. He's probably also a good judge of people and a loyal friend and bandmate.
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      Hi there arkuar! Thank you for sharing all the info! I've got Moon in Libra too. Eh, and lots more Libra than an average Scorpio would like to admit. Hehe! Sometimes I think my Sun sort of accidentally slipped into Scorpio, but is a Libra at heart. :D

      Well, obviously, I'm not much of an expert and I'm not sure how much I believe in Astrology. I find it just another tool for making the whole self-exploration process more colourful and interesting.

      However, I believe I have found me an answer to all my Venus in Libra questions I shared with this lil tribe a lil while ago. And it's my Sun/Venus in Scorpio man. Smiles.

      No ADD, no desire to run away, no doubts, no aloofness, no one foot out of the door policy...and on the other hand, no unecessary drama, no self-induced storms, no scenes, no over the top anything...The scales are in balance. And it's our love and our honesty that have done that for me.

      So, good luck to all of you! Enjoy the lovely Libra Venus we share! Bring out beauty in others and in yourselves.

      Smiles & best wishes, Hannah
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        And, yes, if anybody creates a tribe that would accommodate all of us well ventilated water suns, do invite me. I identify much more with the element of air--which is in preponderance in my natal chart (Aqu Asc, Libra: Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, BM Lilith, Juno...) then the water element of my Sun. H
      • Thanks for replying, Hannah, and good fortune to your loving relationship.

        If life wasn't curious enough, synchronicity bites again! Just last night, i held the first conversation with a woman just as you described. Hopefully, my fortune will mirror yours. Judging by the conversation, we have a great deal in common while remaining different enough to keep it interesting.
        Regarding the proposed tribe, all we need is a catchy moniker; e.g. tribe Hurricane, Airy Water signs!

        planet sign degree motion
        Sun Scorpio 5°40'31 in house 9 direct
        Moon Aquarius 20°49'10 in house 1 direct
        Merc Scorpio 29°25'29 in house 10 direct
        Venus Scorpio 22°47'47 in house 10 direct
        Mars Leo 19°37'54 in house 7 direct
        Jupiter Virgo 5°21'58 in house 8 direct
        Saturn Virgo 23°03'27 in house 8 direct
        Uranus Scorpio 20°20'28 in house 10 direct
        Nept Sagittarius 18°40'01 in house 11 direct
        Pluto Libra 19°47'30 in house 9 direct
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          And to add to the synchronicity, Arkuar, my man has the identical chart Sun through Venus to the woman you've just met. Hehe! Thank you for your wishes & I hope you two are just as happy and have just as much fun as we do! Smiles. I find that what works for us is that we both like to entertain each other, we're both very active, curious, goofy & explorative people, but on the other hand I'm able to be very honest & real, and enjoy the security in the relationship. And exactly like you said, we're very similar, yet different enough to make each other (re)think and wonder and question and spark the curiosity. So far so beautiful. :)))

          I'm also the ENFP personality type and I find that the description of Venus in Libra is very similar to the description of the type. I wonder how many of us are ENFPs? Smiles.

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    Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Thu, July 19, 2007 - 7:24 PM
    Anybody detached? SOMEWHAT
    Picky? YES
    Sometimes frivolous? TOO MUCH
    Sucker for a real pretty face? YES!!!
    Suffering from the relationship ADD? WHEN THE HELL WILL I FIND THE RIGHT ONE?
  • Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Fri, August 7, 2009 - 1:45 PM
    The influence of the Venus in the charts is overestimated sometimes,

    it shows our esthetical side , our love , how we do love ,

    and not how we do behave .

    Mars is our behavior and the aspects to Mars .

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    Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Fri, August 7, 2009 - 3:18 PM
    yes i can be detached in relationships-i'm a scorpio with a gemini moon.
    picky? yes
    Sometimes frivolous?- yes
    Sucker for a real pretty face?- oh hell yes, not much i wouldn't do for a woman that blows my
    parts of the venus in libra that i identify with is i do try to seek out peaceful situations, but they never last thanx in part to scorpio and gemini who seem to do well in chaotic and
    exciting situations. i am a charmer. my venus sits in the 2nd house. i like spending money
    giving things to people i love and care about.
    • Re: are we really that nice? :)

      Tue, November 24, 2009 - 4:20 PM

      A thread with the title "are we really that nice?" gets a landslide of replies from Scorpios. Love it.

      I was instantly drawn to this topic bc I can relate so well. I have Scorpio rising. ;)

      I also have Mars and Pluto in Libra (though the Pluto isn't much of an influence on personality). Most people see me as being this pushover who will do anything to please others/appease a situation, etc. Whenever they see my stinger come out for the first time, or just see me get mad or be blunt and confrontational, their heads tend to blow off. I've struggled most of my life with this feeling like I'm not "allowed" to express myself that way because there's always such strong reactions. Thus I've had a hell of a time not playing into the power and authority of bosses and other higher-ups -even co-workers - because of wanting to avoid feeling inappropriate. This is the crux of my Scorp rising standing aside for my Venus & Mars in Libra!

      Fuckin' Libra.
  • Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Sat, January 21, 2012 - 1:19 AM
    Scorpio sun, aries moon, Scorpio rising, Venus Libra ,mars aries...the answer for me is NO.My placement makes me just the right amount of sexy, manipulative, passive-aggressive & assertive...which means I pretty much have everyone eating out of the palm of my hand.I'm only nice if I love you.Me loving you means me being selfless. Other than that.. I'm up to somthing lol I believe that I am in love with love but love will not come easily to me...a hard pill to swallow.
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    Re: are we really that nice? :)

    Wed, October 9, 2013 - 2:37 AM
    I am very much into aesthetics, art, fashion- try to keep a fashionable look at all times.
    Probably more in love with the idea of love than the reality. Can be disappointed with the real thing, it's fun to dream about though.
    Don't like people without manners or class.
    Noticed I am ONLY a people pleaser when it comes to love. Otherwise don't like to change myself for others.
    Don't like my tendency to constantly try to impress while in love. It's exhausting. No one can be perfect for someone 100% of the time.

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