Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

topic posted Wed, November 10, 2010 - 11:07 AM by  Eduardo
I am really intrigued about this set:

I have venus in scorpio 1st house
Pluto in scorpio 1st house (almost Libra, though degree 0)
And scorpio rising

Ven. conj. Pluto by less than a degree

I dunno, it just seems to me I can't get over an ex, even though many very interesting people show up. Some way 'better' than this ex. Is there something related to this? I really want to get over it, it is been months already, and it was my first and a true 'love'.

Also, why is it that I sense that I am a nice guy, even though people seem 'afraid' of me. I know they look at me, but they rarely come to talk. I usually have to take the initiative. Some keep staring, but just don't do a thing. I am a nice fella, come talk.

Any other comments about this setting of mine, is very much appreciated. PLEASE.

Thank you very much!
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    Re: Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

    Thu, November 11, 2010 - 9:06 AM
    I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo. I understand how it feels not to be able to get over someone. Just be good to yourself, do things that make you happy and ride it out. In time, you'll be over it in time.

    As for not being approachable, your intensity may be intimidating. I think Scorpio is the most powerful sign in the Zodiac, so this being your ascendant, is what people pick up on. Just smile and be patient.
  • Re: Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

    Fri, December 31, 2010 - 4:17 PM
    Pluto first of all freaks everyone out! Pluto is seriously willful, so even if you have 'back up', gentle aspects like Libra in first (like me) or a cushion like Venus conjunct, people still get freaked out. They 'sense' the power and magnetism.... PLUS, you have it in Scorpio, which is a double dose of mysterious, dynamic, psychically overwhelming characteristics, because Pluto is Scorp's ancient ruler.--the higher octave of Mars. (I would need to know what's going on in your fifth to verify the 'nice guy' thing...hehe) I'm also thinking you're very handsome in a way that makes people want to stare... In a spiritual, intimidating way.

    The reason you can't get over the ex is because Venus in any hard aspect to pluto can make a person a little obsessive when it comes to attachments. Having it in the 1st makes you think, "Why did they let go of ME? I'm fabulous..." Not in a necessarily ego-maniacal way, but in a way that says, "we were meant..." You have Taurus in 7th, which opposes Pluto, and Taurus is all about loyalty and security---never letting go. I'm thinking this relationship ended suddenly and you didn't have time to detach. The thing about Pluto in the first with a close tie to Venus (which seriously colors your chart NO MATTER which planet is ruling in 1st) is that It either loves and can't get enough of, or it hates and wants to destroy.

    YOU need to detach emotionally, mentally, fully. telling you this is kind of pointless, because I know as a Pluto in first,(trinve Venus) I LOVE being obsessed....And so do you, but Pluto is also about exploration in a way. You can't rebuild on a continuous basis if you run out of things to encounter.

    Keep seeking out new relationships.... Keep letting your mind be filled with other 'types'. There's room!
    • Hi, Larissa!

      Thank you for your exposition.

      Here is a link to my chart. I erased my data, due to privacy issues. But you can see many things.

      Well, as for the 5th house:
      Sign: starts in Aquarius, but it enters pisces by the second half of the first decanate.
      Ah, mean node is there, in Pisces.

      I just checked one thing:
      Besides Venus conjunct Pluto, they also conjunct my ascendant.
      So it is a 'triple' conjunction in Scorpio. Asc, Venus and Pluto (First House).

      Also, Ascendant Conjunct my 12th house Moon in Libra.

      It seems to me, that Scorpio is really intensified.

      I really like your input, so any other comment is more than appreciated.
  • I know how you feel, I have those exact placements , except my venus squares pluto .

    Really am an all or nothing person, I never could and 'middle-ground' , when I latch, Im on pretty tight, but just as I could give everything, Im able to just let it all go, both are pretty destructive.
    After a serious break-up about a year ago I've realized a lot of things about my inner-self & have done a lot of introspection. I have more inner peace then I did back then, it was a tranformative realtionship i suppose.

    I've managed to work with and overcome the difficulties of venus square pluto; power struggles & anger problems still surface from time to time.. still workin on it though. (:

    As for getting over someone, dont have any effective advice, but what i did was realize why it ended, anazlyzed like EVERYTHING...problems, solutions, what both parties could have brought to the relationship, what we actually did bring.....& lightly contemplated the "could ofs or would ofs" ...Then just rounded back to myself, think about what I deserved and so much more ( i think too much lol) forced myself through the flames and rised again stronger then ever.
    • I found it is really about me, who has pluto and venus, not the other person.
      once i owned my pluto and the power that goes with it, i stopped outsourcing the power.
      Outsourcing led to oblivion and a pain that was unimaginable. I keep looking for validation
      in my significant other and it always lead to hell. Only you can own your pluto!
      • I have Ascendant conjunct Pluto and Pluto conjuncts Venus in Libra...ugh, what a tangled web it is!!
        Pluto is your will in love and self esteem, its the power that holds you back or forces you to dive in head first....good power if you control it and if you don't its much like a tornado as it rips through your heart and your left looking to others as you seek shelter from the storm, but no other can help you, its all about taking control to stop the storm yourself!! Its all about seeing this as your energy to harness and letting it propel you towards a positive place, and not fearing it because fear of Pluto is like self sabotage having a check mate on your soul!
    • Re: Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

      Mon, October 31, 2011 - 5:05 AM
      I don't know what would be more intense, my conjunction or your square. LOL

      I consider myself a completely different person today, and I do consider that relationship to have caused many of these changes in my life. Still, most of the changes are relationship related and a few are life philosophy related. And, most of them came after the break up than during it!

      I am more passionate about the world and less about an individual, and I like this very much. (read my reply to my post, if you please) :D
  • Re: Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

    Wed, September 21, 2011 - 8:52 PM
    i have pluto conjunct venus in scorpio as well. except my rising is in taurus and my conjunction is conjunct my descendent. i know all about not getting over relationships. my first boyfriend i ever had.. it took me over a year to get over him. im VERY obsessive.

    maybe its the scorpio rising that makes people intimidated by you or something...i get that too though. i have a lot of people tell me that they were "intrigued" by me or sort of drawn to my presence. its the pluto haha pluto/scorpio is always intense. it either repels or draws you to it.
  • Re: Venus conjunct Pluto 1st house, ASC in Scorpio

    Mon, October 31, 2011 - 5:11 AM
    I consider myself a completely different person today, and I do believe that relationship to have caused many of these changes in my life. Still, most of the changes are relationship related and a few are life philosophy related. And, most of them came after the break up than during it!

    Currently, I have been thinking that I need to fall in passion again. Just can't find someone interesting enough. (moon in Libra?) And I have been trying! haha

    About the person I had in mind when I created this post is no longer a source of long moments of thinking or unhappiness. Although, sometimes I caught myself reflecting about how sad it is that it didn't work. But it is not about the person, it is a frustration about the failed relationship. But this feeling has been disappearing more and more.

    BUT, still, whenever we are at the same place, I get an annoying feeling about the person’s presence. I just can’t avoid it. And I have the intuition telling me that I might never be indifferent in such ocasion. That is ok now, it wasn’t before. I would feel much more pressure, but now we could even talk in a light and friendly way (I just kept remembering myself that it is gone – and it wasn’t quite easy, actually).

    At least, I am currently happy and walking my life path in an animated, ambitious and positive way (maybe thanks Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius?!) Willing to love again, and looking for someone interesting. It is just kind of hard to trust someone enough, and to ‘give in’. My current tendency is to go reeaaaally slow.

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