What about venus - pluto in composite?

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How does a venus-pluto square in a composite chart work?

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    Mon, August 18, 2008 - 9:26 PM
    According to

    Undoubtedly there is a powerful attraction between the two of you which will be hard to ignore or resist. You are deeply fascinated, even obsessed, with one another, but at the same time a feeling of aversion or repulsion will be experienced. This is so because at some level you both realize that you are playing with explosives! The energies between you are intense and could compel you to do things you wouldn't normally approve of or even think yourselves capable of. Breaking sexual taboos or mores, sacrificing other important relationships or values in order to be together, or discovering extreme jealousy and a desire to totally possess the other person - any or all of these could be part of the scenario. You will be totally involved emotionally; that much is certain.

    Ultimately, one of the functions of this relationship is to change your attitudes toward relationship and love, at a profound level. You will experience great depths and find what you are truly capable of, through your interaction with each other. If you cannot successfully handle the intensity of emotion that will be stimulated, however, your relationship can easily end in ashes.
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      Tue, August 19, 2008 - 7:50 PM
      It depends on what you like in a relationship. Like the poster has above, these are not relationships for the faint of heart. They are consuming. Every word of that is true. My two major relationships have had it. One has his pluto two degrees conj to my Venus. And I have Pluto conj Venus in my own chart. So that means his Pluto is conj my Pluto as well. You have to be able to handle that intensity without it becoming violent. If you operate well together this can mean continual fascination on every level including sexual, but if you don't it can just as easily mean that every disagreement is a struggle to the death with neither of you willing to give an inch.

      You should also see what's going on with your Mars. I typically have Mars/Venus, Mars/Moon and Mars/Pluto aspects. Those are also very powerful and can lead to disastrous results or bliss.

      Here's another reading of Venus/Pluto.

      Venus Conjunct Pluto

      Venus conjunct Pluto in the composite chart signifies the power of love as a transforming agent. In this relationship, whether it is a friendship or a love affair, you are seeking something more than love in the ordinary sense. Consequently, everything about your being together becomes extremely important.

      In a sexual relationship, physical lovemaking is approached with an intensity that can make the experience very powerful and beautiful.

      At any rate this is not likely to be a casual relationship. You will be intensely involved with each other. Love can be transformed into a power struggle if one or both of you tries to use the relationship as a tool for manipulating the other. The victim is powerless to do anything about it, and a strange love-hate tension is set up. When such a situation finally explodes, it can be disastrous.

      Obviously this is not a relationship to play with. You must enter into it with serious intentions of making something good of it. You will both have great power over each other, so use it well.
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        Fri, October 17, 2008 - 6:17 AM

        I read the venus conjunct pluto description, would this be the same for venus square pluto? As far as the mars placement in the composite, we have a mars square sun. I have heard that this can be a very irritating influence in a chart.
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          Sat, October 18, 2008 - 3:59 PM
          Venus in hard aspect (square, opposition, semi-square, or sesquiquadrate) to other person's Pluto
          Intense, and sometimes uncomfortable, attraction between these two can go either way fast. The expression "a fine line between love and hate" applies here. This connection is almost primal in nature. Sexual attraction is intense. These two will definitely need to deal with issues of possessiveness, jealousy, and volatile emotions. They arouse in one another some of their deepest insecurities, as there can be an intense fear of losing one another. This interchart aspect can sometimes be indicative of unrequited love or of a relationship that eventually breeds anger and even hatred. Power struggles and manipulation are quite possible. This is not a relationship to take lightly. If the relationship were to break up, it would be unlikely that the two would be able to remain "just friends", as the passion is hard to forget. Staying together may be a challenge as well! The Pluto person often seems to have the upper hand in this relationship, which can be unnerving and frustrating for the Venus person. Jealousies and manipulative behavior should be watched for and avoided as much as possible.

          No matter what the aspect is, the relationship is a very stimulating and dynamic one. There is a certain level of intensity in your partnership that can best be described as passion, although Sun-Mars alone does not make for the ecstatic type of romantic excitement that would occur if, for example, the Moon, Venus, or Pluto were involved. With challenging aspects, such as the square, opposition, and quincunx, sparks can certainly fly. What may start out as an overwhelming sexual and physical attraction can degenerate, over time, to petty arguments and real annoyances with each other. "What did I see in you?" may be the dominating thoughts (or the uttered phrases in a heated argument). There is an element of competition between you that is unmistakable, but must be channeled properly. You challenge one another, and there can be a fine line between finding this stimulating and feeling completely drained as a result. In arguments, the Sun person has a tendency to be self-righteous, and the Mars person tends to be very touchy, defensive, and combative.

          (From Cafe Astrology)

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