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Voodoo Food: When cooking enchants

Spices help people to develop the forces of the positive. Voodoo or mere superstition?A new trend promises culinary wizardry and magic, with aromas and flavors of African cuisine.

Eating more than banal is breastfeeding needs such as hunger. This is evident with a glance at the culinary traditions of Africa. While the Europeans to a more rationally attitude to food and enjoyment often tend to fall behind or be released under the shadow of a bad conscience, Africans should be free of these constraints. You see in eating a deeper meaning.

"Happiness simmers in a black pot over an open fire," Dodo Liad writes as a passionate lover of African cuisine and author of a cookbook called Voodoo African Food. He knows what he's talking about. Born in Daloa (Ivory Coast), he has discovered in his childhood love of good food and pay the sensual setting of the Africans for Culinary in the blood.

Enchanted by the culinary community experience

Eating is a fleeting happiness in his home, an experience with all senses in the great circle of family and friends. Shared meals are happy with guests. , Remembers Liad still likes his childhood when he and his 16 siblings with friends and family have eaten. His mother conjured up fantastic meals every day for the extended family.

Later he traveled throughout the continent and learned on the island of Zanzibar to know the secret world of spices, looked into countless pots and dishes from all over Africa was melt in your mouth.

His collection of recipes he described today as a voodoo Food. Finally, food sharpen the senses and strengthen the positive forces in his experience and well-being - a kind of white magic.

Voodoo with spices

Great emphasis is of African cuisine spices added to. "Spices are for food, what scent to the skin is: moody, demanding, assertive, sexy," says Liad the deeper meaning. He also says: "A good meal is like a rainbow colored but with individual nature of individual components. " Spices in every dish load for a sensual voyage of discovery and, in addition to fresh ingredients, essential components of African cuisine.

Economical way to Africa, the chefs go around. Sun Hanout is a Tunisian more than two tablespoons of the expensive "Ras el" - a mix of up to 45 different spices - in a tagine sauce made from olive oil, peppers, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice and salt. "Quantities in the recipes are usually absent. The only measure is the hand of the cook. Because experiments are a feature of African cooking," explains the culinary expert.

Voodoo with fresh ingredients

With tasty spices and flavors in all regions of the world's largest continent is cooked.Cereals, root vegetables, fish, vegetable and bread are the main ingredients. Meat is rare. Raw vegetables, salads and desserts are hardly on the menu.

The regional food culture is very different, because what comes to the plate determines the nature. While growing in West and Central Africa, tropical vegetables such as yams, cassava (manioc) or bananas, are available in desert regions, mainly millet, the grain sorghum or olive trees and date palms.

If you feel like Voodoo Food: African ingredients and spices gives it the typical example in Exotic Prosi shop in Vienna. Voodoo food spice mixtures of Mr. Liad must be ordered via the Internet and the cookbook Voodoo food is to a wonderful culinary guide.


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