Water Woman

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A modern day goddess, born at Burningman in 1995. She was made to shower people and animals to clean and cool them off in one of the driest places on earth. Created by Ray Cirino Water Woman has been installed at many events and is the longest running art sculpture at Burningman. She was featured in several magazines including Smithsonian in 1999. She has been described in many ways and haves many purposes. She attracts people where ever she goes and you'll remember her forever.
Water Woman is found working in the world of permaculture bringing needed attention to our unsustainable future. Call:818-8347074 for more info or LINK

2 0 0 8 Water Woman Rebirthing the Natural Earth

You may be interested in Water Woman-Rebirthing the Natural Earth in 2008.
I'm bringing in world class permaculturists to help structure my plan. It won't be anything like BM, in fact quiet the opposite. First of all No Drugs, alcohol, or electricity. It will be unplugged. not like BM where it's one loud mix. This way you get the real essence of what's going on and you could hear the land,sky,and most importantly,the goddess spirit. We will be rebirthing a forest out of the desert in Socal. Every step will be toward reseeding the water,soil and air space to show the rest of the world how it's done and educate people to bring their newly discoverd knowledge back home. Tell a friend there's something truely green rising from the desert. Leave a trace- to build back the Earth with. RSS Feed what is XML?

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