Hairy Welcome Mats

moderated - created 02/21/10
A tribe for men who have or admire dudes with that hairy patch above their ass crack. Also known as the assfro, bum beard, dog patch, landing strip, ass wick, hair tail, jizz target, ass stache, splash mat. Whatever you call them, they symbolize one thing... raw masculinity. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Patch of Glory  photo flag
Draft Horse  photo flag
Cub Crack  photo flag
Slide In  photo flag
Furry Face Warmer  photo flag
Sweaty Little hair Tail  photo flag
Pup Tail  photo flag
Hairy Ass as Art  photo flag
Wet Dream  photo flag
Ass Fro  photo flag
Yard Work  photo flag
Covered Head to Toe  photo flag
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anyone hairy c2c on skype? im 21 and hairy  topic
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When the shirts come off in summer...  topic
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Hair and smell  topic
Joe Gage movie "Dad gets into trouble  review

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