HOT: Lebanese Women

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NOT HOT: Bombs & rockets.
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    Well of course. I saw on TV recently that the Lebanese are the modern day descendants of the Carthaginians and the Philistines. So of course those women are hot. Saucy Philistine women were always tempting those nice little Jewish boys. :)
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      "NOT HOT: Bombs & rockets."

      Tell it to Hezbullah, Syria and Iran, who are the trifuckta holding all those hott Lebanese women and men hostage.
      • naw. tell it to israel, who is bombing them.
        • Ya, a hot Lebanese brilliant woman friend of mine says Hezbollah is an occupying force in her country. Any protests or words questioning them brings/brought terrible reprisals against people & families. She wishes Israel would actually GET Hezbollah with the bombings, and not the infrastructure of her beautiful (Santa Barbara-like) country, and it's people.
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            "(Santa Barbara-like) country"

            It's full of ex-hippies?
            • Rich ex-hippies?
              • It's just really really pretty with perfect weather.
                Europeans used to flock there for vacations, until the bombs also started flocking there.
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                  Yeah, and all that I keep hearing about are "moderate" Arab leaders who condemn Hezbollah. Where are their freaking liberals? Oh, that's right; there aren't any. The best that you can do is find a moderate. If Egypt and some of those other countries would commit troops rather than just words, it'd be over pretty quickly. They could hem them in from behind, secure ports and airports, and Israel could do the dirty-work up front. I'm just so tired of Middle East countries and their rhetoric about brotherhood, etc. when they do nothing about their Muslim brothers in Darfur.

                  But Lebanese women are definitely hot. Who knows? Some of those other countries could have some hotties too if we could ever get them out from behind the birka.

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