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White mandingo is a group unlike any in the gay interracial world. This group is devoted completely to ethnic bottoms who are searching for well hung white males. Yes, you heard me correct WELL HUNG WHITE MEN. Unlike their unhung white slave brothers, the white mandingo services the superior black male race with his cock and not his hole. The white mandingo worships his black bottom master or boss by offering his cock for possible further enlargement through natural penile exercises/stretching as well as milk stud.

All members: You must be 18 yrs. Your age must be displayed in your profile. No excuses! Your profile must show your location; city and state.

Ethnic bottoms: Your profile must be completed as stated above.

White Mandingo: Your profile must be completed as stated above. In addition, you must submit a cock pic. This pic must show your erect cock beside a legal ruler. You must prove 8 inches to be concerning white mandingo. NO PUMPING. PUMPING IS BANNED FROM THIS GROUP. ALL PUMPERS WILL BE DENIED ACCESS. BE HONEST GUYS. RSS Feed what is XML?

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