Wives shared sexually with other men

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Men that like to share their wives sexually with other men. The terms "Cuckold Sex", "Cuckolding" and "Cuckold Couple" are not as well known among popular culture as other adult terms like "Swinging", "Dogging" or "Group Sex". The reason for this is that cuckolding couples see cuckolding as a fetish or a very specific sexual preference and not just a general adult activity that most adults will try in their lifetime. Many cuckold couples may start out the swinging lifestyle and branch out into the cuckold lifestyle. Cuckolding sex can be referred to as a sexual fetish or dominant voyeuristic act when the female takes on a dominant role and the husband a submissive role. The husband is then humiliated by being forced to watch his wife having sex with other partners. Cuckold sex can be seen as an advanced form of swinging and dogging. Just like swinging couples have sex with other partners and just like dogging a voyeur, in this case the husband, is allowed to watch. Cuckolding couples also meet and interact online, just like regular swingers and doggers. Cuckold sex includes: the bull who is the alpha male and who has bull sex with other men's woman; the hotwife who is the female that takes part in cuckoldry and the cuckold who is the married man who is forced to watch. RSS Feed what is XML?

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