Sexism, Racism and Family

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Allah (swt) says,

"Oh people, take shelter in your Lord, Who has
created you from a single self and created from it,
its mate, and from the two spread out a multitude of
men and women. Beware of Allah in your claims over one
another and the wombs (that bore you). Truly Allah is
ever watchful over you." (Qur'an an-Nisaa 4:1)

Brothers and sisters from this understand that we, each of
us, come first from a single self and secondly from
the union of the original man and woman.

From this learn to put an end in yourself and in all
gatherings the idea of sexism. That somehow man is
innately better than woman or vice versa. Before there
was either one or the other there was a single self
(Nafsuñ Wa'idah) from which both were created.

This false idea of male superiority over women is
based on a misreading of part of ayat 228 Baqarah
where we read, "and men have a degree (darajah) over
them" which was, in context, only to do with
conditions pertaining to divorce and how it is to be

Secondly this ayat puts to rest all false claims
resulting from the Shaytanic logic that underlies
racism. Allah makes clear that, "And from them
(meaning the first two beings) spread out a multitude
of men and women."

Brothers and sisters all too unfortunately the Islam
that people think to be Islam is far from what the
holy Prophet (sawas) brought but rather is cultural
Islam, regional Islam and very often only Hislam
rather than Islam.

The Prophet (sawas) said, "The best of you is the
person with the most Taqwa." In saying this he does
not hold the man above the woman or vice versa.

Allah (swt) says (meaning) "Whoever does good, whether
male or female, and is a believer~ all of these shall
enter the Garden." (4:124)

So if we are to think of making a real attempt to live
our lives as Muslims we must banish all thoughts and
prejudices relating to both sexism and racism and
begin from the understanding that we were all
originally created from a single self and then from a
unique set of parents and "Fear Allah in our claim
over one another and the womb that bore us."

With this in mind we must proceed to marry and build
families in accord with the saying of the Prophet
(sawas) "Marriage is part of my Sunnah. Whoever runs
from my path is not from us" and "Marriage is half of
the Deen."

This marriage must be in accord with what Allah (swt)
says "and among His Signs is this, that He created for
you mates from among your selves that you may dwell in
(deep inner) tranquility (sakinah) and He has put love
(mowaddata) and mercy (rahmah) between your (hearts).
Truly in that are Signs for those who reflect."
(ar-Rüm 30:21)

Tranquility, love and mercy must be the basis of
marriage in harmony with the understanding "Ma
Arsalnaka Illa Rahmata Lil-Alamin." by which Allah
(swt) says He did not send you save as a mercy to all
the worlds. To all people and to one another.

Now bearing in mind all of that and most especially
these points:

1. Nowhere in Qur'an do you find sexism nor in the
Sunnah in accord with the saying of the Rasul (sawas),
"Take half of your Deen from this red-headed lady"
pointing to A'isha (ra).

2. Nowhere in Quran, which is to say the words of
Allah, do you find any hint of racism nor in the
Sunnah, which is to say the actions and saying of the
Messenger (sawas).

3. If those are two things you don't find you do find:

4. Marraige, by Allah, is conducted on the basis of,

a. Deep inner tranquility (sakinah).

b. Mutual affection or love (mawaddah). To wadda, to
wish, to yearn, to want, to like, to love.

c. Rahmah, which as we have seen is a form of
universal compassion selflessly expressed.

All of this is in accord with ayat ar-Rüm 30:21
supported by the saying "Ma Arsalnaka 'Illa
Rahmatu-l-Alameen" "We have not sent you save as a
mercy to all the worlds."

With all of that firmly in mind and heart what is
required in marraige are two people, a man and a
woman, who understand these principles.

Here is where we see the cost of weak Islam in the
home and lack of Muslim education.

For, as I am sure you will mostly all agree, the
present time is too often marked by a nominal form of
Islam replete with missed prayers, lack of Qur'an
recitation or dhikr, many forms of shirk kafi
(especially to idols such as money, size and cost of
home, Lexus, Nexus, Mercedes), level and type of
education of offspring etc., not to mention missed
days of fasting and often questionable eating and
drinking habits accompanied by large doses of the t.v.
media drug.

In conjunction with that is a general lack of concern
about "Muslim" education or a turn to sending one's
children to a Muslim Sunday or even day school to
salve one's guilty conscience. Of course every child
knows what hypocrisy is.

On top of this is an abundance of sexist attitudes
toward girls and women thus assuring, in most cases,
that Muslim girls ~ i.e. the future half of the
community ~ most often recieve a less serious Muslim

We all of course as good Muslims agree that this is
wrong on the basis of all Islamic principle but I am
sure you will also agree that it is sadly too often
the case.

Now we know that if half of the Deen is marriage then
we could easily grasp that if the marriages are
between ignorant and ignorance what then will be the
course of the Islamic Umma.

We might thus say that if we want to strengthen the
foundations of the Islamic community we must, as
individuals and mates, first of all put an end to our
own hypocrisy and seek to put Islam at the center of
our lives instead of at the edges and must pay a lot
of attention to the Islamic education of our children.
The most obvious on of which is Salat and especially
Salat in Jamat.

This does not only mean the family actually praying in
the Masjid and, in the process, connecting and
networking with other members of the local and
travelling community, for travellers are also an
integral part of any Islamic community. But it also
means praying as a family at home~ especially the
Fajr, (the prayer least fully attended in Jama both in
the Masjid and at home.) and either the Maghrib or the

Of course I am not urging men and women to pray at
home instead of the Masjid but I am saying that if you
must pray at home, then for your sake and for their
sake, make your Salat together as a family.

This, of course, leads us to Juma in accord with,

"Oh you who securely believe! If you hear the call to
the Salah on the day of the communal gathering
(al-jumufiah), hurry to the remembrance of Allah and
leave aside your selling." (6:29)

And the summation of that is in the Eids.

As is clear I trust by now all of these things are
connected if we are to hope for a healthy community.

Families where peace, love, and mercy between husband
and wife is the foundation of their marriage so that
they are as Allah (swt) says,

"They are your garments and you are their garments."

Families where Muslim education begins with what Allah
(swt) says "Uswa Hassanah and Qudwah Hassanah" or
~good example~ in which love of His Rasul (sawas) and
the intention (niyya) of personally treading the path
marked out are the driving force of the family.

We then can envision a community of families which are
inter-connected at a neighborhood level or carride
level in at least one daily prayer in Jama or at home
to begin and the weekly prayer of the jummah
culminating at the end of Ramadan and at the time of
the Hajj in the Eid.

This is truly the pathway set out by Allah (swt),
followed by His Rasül (sawas) and our pious ancestors
(ra) to the present time which leads to the success
and strength of the Muslim community.

The self, the mate, the family, the neighborhood, the
community and the world.

Which is of course the Hajj.

"And proclaim the pilgrimage (hajj) to the people.
They will come to you on foot and on all (kinds of)
lean camels. They will come from every distant pass~"
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    Though I am not Muslim, these are things that I have known to be true in my heart. It pains me to see people confuse a complex, beautiful, and ultimately progressive religion with the actions of individuals and groups who do not truly practice it.

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