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It has been claimed that dj Larry Levan in conjunction with Richard Long built the world's best sound system for the PARADISE GARAGE in NEW YORK...

Furthermore it has been told that the whole system was sold for some half a million dollars (!!!) to the Ministry of Sound in London when the Garage were forced to close down in September 1987.

But that's NOT true... The sound system was installed at a club called the Paradise Ballroom on W. 43'rd St., New York. Sadly that club didn't live that long and the system was actually auctioned off.

Gary Stewart, owner of GSA [Gary Stewart Audio] based in New York, still offers some of the original RLA [Richard Long & Associates] designs, electronics, speakers and consoles. Gary tells me that the RLA system at the Ministry of Sound was purchased new and only had 3 components that were similar to the ones in the Garage.
The RLA X3000 3 way DJ crossover
The RLA Bertha/Levan Sub Bass cabinets
The RLA Tweeter Arrays

The RLA system @ Ministry of Sound employed some of RLA's new designs including; the Puissance - the GSA horn loaded main bass box named after Kenny Powers [Puissance = Power in French], Double "D" - Double D or DD Horn is a low mid device with 2 x 12" transducers and finally - the tried and true Levan Bass horns.

The Ministry's system was designed and maintained by the New York based sound company GSA [Gary Stewart Audio].

GSA has been involved with some of the original people associated with Richard Long & Associates, including the very talented Kenny Powers - who was Richard's dear friend, employee and confidant. Mr. Powers became the owner of RLA after Richard's untimely death on December 9'th, 1986 and with the company Kenny got the complete archive of Richard's drawings, design's and schematics, this also includes many designs that Richard was never able to implement before his death.

Kenny has just retired from the audio industry, but some of these designs are still available from GSA - the company that has engineered and installed some of the highest top rated Sound Systems Internationally.

The RLA's technology was far ahead of the time and that could really be heard in the Paradise Garage. Because, from any point on the dancefloor, center to sides and corners, the bass was numbin', clean and forceful thumping directly into your breast bone. However, the most amazing thing was you could not tell where the music was being generated. There were no bulky sub woofers. Many clubs have tried to create a sound system as good, but no one has yet succeeded.
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