Clothing optional gyms -- for men

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So where can a guy find a list of clothing optional gyms?

I'm in the Seattle area; if there is one here my guess is it wouldn't be convenient for me to visit every day on my way to work. How ever if there is one here; I could see my self driving a bit extra on the weekends for a workout.

I've heard stories about the good old days in the YMCA's it was normal for a guy to workout, run and swim in god's gym suit.
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    Mon, April 2, 2012 - 1:07 PM
    i love to work out naked, dont get much chance to but i got a couple of buddies who have gym set up at home and ever once in awhile i go over to one of there place to work out, and i always wear just jock strap and thin nylon shorts and sneakers, no shirt. And sometimes if one of them is in the mood to let me then i will shuck off my shorts and jock strap and work out toaly naked, its a real turn on to be pumping iron naked and feel somebody sitting back and watching. Both of them are pretty small guys and they like to watch me work out and between sets they may wipe my chest and back with a towel to wipe the sweat off my body. One of them thats all he wants to do is just touch me, but the other one some times i pay my "gym fee' by sucking his cock once im done working out and im all tired and my muscles are shaking with strain.
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      Sun, October 27, 2013 - 4:37 AM
      nice story, but you do the naked workout as sort of a foreplay or you do it as a regular training?

      i love naked work outs too. but for me its more the feling, the spirit of the old greeks olympic and for sure the beauty of man. but i am still concentrade on the sport, than just staring at my partner. for that we have the shower ;)

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