Young Women and Older Men

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Why do some older men find themselves drawn to young women? Conversely, why do young women fall for, or even pursue, older men? (Lolita, described herein, can be a woman over 18, not just young teen girls.)

Lolita, written by Vladimir Nabokov, 1955, is the classic tale of Humbert, a middle aged man who’s intoxicating passion for Lolita, the nymphet in the story, finally drives him to a very sad end. Two movies were made on the book; one in 1962 and one in 1998.

In my life, I was the Humbert character. My Lolita pursued me and I was also a sad victim. The tryst cost me my marriage and a lot more. At the time I was turning 40 and she was turning 21. My initial post will illuminate, in brief, my story.

The purpose of this Tribe is to try and understand the psychosocial aspects of what drives older men and very young women into each others arms. Conversely, what drives older women to pursue young men or boys? Many a female school teacher has been featured on the evening news over the last few years. What is going on in society to cause these sudden phenomena with women? Lustful older men have been around for ions... but now, young, sometimes married and often beautiful female teachers are throwing careers away and spending time in jail for a brief tryst with a young boy. What drives people, men and women to lose all sight of logic and common sense and risk ruining their lives? Let's leave morality out of it for the moment.

Your personal insights, thoughts, stories and views would be appreciated. Please, let’s not judge another person’s personal story.

I had a blog on my personal page on this subject, which was a bit played out and I took it down. The subject was a bit too much for a friend or two of mine and it got uncomfortable. Starting a Tribe on the subject keeps is away a bit from my personal page. After all, this is not what my life is about. This is just one aspect of me and my curiosity on the subject.

I did find that the women that did respond have many different views on the subject. Some loved their experiences with older men while very young and others just look upon it as a vile act and feel threatened by young women occupying the time of older men that they may have an interest in. So, where do you stand? RSS Feed what is XML?

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