Zoe Jakes's Costumes, and Jewlery stolen

topic posted Thu, June 25, 2009 - 11:05 PM by  Kandice
Zoe just reported on her face Book page that her entire costumes and jewelry were stolen.

She wrote this comment in her status:

"Zoe Jakes is mourning. The ultimate dancers nightmare has happened. All my jewelry and costumes and headgear...everything...gone. Stolen out of my car. Talk about the true test of non-attachment."

I pray for her stuff to be returned.

She is truly a great teacher. A worse thing couldn't have happened to someone whom didn't deserve it. She definately didn't deserve this.

as an artist, myself, I know how it feels to have your stuff stolen, especially the stuff you need to do and make your creativity, and also the stuff I had already put in so much time, effort, money, investment, and heart.
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  • I'm not on Facebook, but if you can send her a message...check eBay or other online places where people can sell stuff. If it was a non-bellydancing thief, they can tell by looking at it that people would pay for it, so they would try and sell it somewhere.

    If it's a bellydancing person, they'll know better. :(

    I'm so sorry for her.
  • Unsu...
    Oh that is HORRIBLE. I wish a thousand festering, incurable hemherroids on whoever perpetrated this deed.

    Zoe, lovely, how can we send you stuff to replace that which you've lost? When Steven Eggers got his goodies jacked, we made him jewelry etc. and I'm sure the dance community would help you out in the same way.
  • Ouch. Awful. So sorry to hear of this. Sending a *hug* and positive thoughts that they will return to you.
    You are right...a painfully true test of non-attachment. You have your health, your students, and pure creative flow & talent...those are untouchable.
  • A hellish pox on the P.O.S. who did this. ALL of her stuff?!

    The Ebay thing is a good idea. Her costumes are pretty damn unique can probably be spotted very easily. Unfortunately the jewelry will be much harder to spot since there's so many people selling ethnic jewelry.

    Ugh, it undoubtedly took years for her to collect that all that stuff. Zoe can dance in t-shirt and jeans and still be the shit, but there's memories attached to many of the objects we hold dear. I'm sad that this happened.
  • Damn. How terrible - I seriously cannot imagine enduring that kind of theft. It's so violating - and when it's things that are near and dear to heart - it's that much worse. I'll def. be keeping my eyes open on ebay.

    Since I hate sitting around not doing anything about it, I say lets do a 'costume drive' and put some clothes on Zoe - I've got some lovely costuming and jewelry that is Zoe-worthy....and my troupe girls have already contacted me about making some costuming for her too. Time to fire up the old sewing machine - I've got too much fabric around here anyway.

    Somebody got a mailing address for the Z-ster?
    • Here is what Zoe posted was stolen and is asking that everyone check flee markets in the Bay area:

      stuff lost:
      2 pieces of antique assuit, one black one white
      1 silver rajastani belt, inch thick
      12 assorted rajastani and morrocan bracelets
      mardi necklace with white glass centerpiece and vertibrae on each side... Read more
      black and white costume covered in hundreds of buttons
      balconette bra with keys on front and flowers up side
      indian sari bra with row of coins up both sides and turkoman hangings
      2 pairs of melodia pants, one nude one black, both glitter
      5 pairs assorted heavy indian earrings
      3 tuareg rings
      1 wild card ring with a bone in it
      pair of fluevog boots
      striped ruffle shorts
      all my make up
      small tin with piles of amazing steel cut trim and jet trim
      small hair combs

      Ladies, from my memory this is seriously ALL of her costuming! Take a look around and help a fellow dancer out!

      • thank you so much guys!

        I am kinda in shock right now I think. I am leaving for colorado tomorrow, and my costume closet was a wee bit different as of late. Time to get creative! I have one bra that has not been scrapped for parts....but that's it... Had to get all new make this is rough especially in this economy...But could have been a lot worse. And you really see how strong your community is, and how generous and wonderful your friends are in times like these. However, I will be rocking the hair down look for a while...I ain't got a damn thing to put on my head (have some parts but nothing made)!!!Good thing I got fancy hair!
        • For what it's worth--the hair down looks fabulous.

          I really hope you get at least some but definitely all of it back.

          I'm going through my own stuff to see if there is anything that might be of use to you. I'm still getting started so I don't have much but I can give what I got.

          *big monster squishy hugs*
        • Hi Zoe, I'm so sorry this has happened. upon reading further information about how this happened, I seriously suggest looking in a 2-3 block radius (more if possible) of where the vehicle was parked. I hate to say that if this was just someone looking to make some money and no ties to the bd community, they would have quickly just left the unwanted/non-profitable things thrown some where on the ground, inconspicous or sadly, very sadly in the nearest dumpster. Thieves who have no ties, just looking to make a quick buck will usually dump somewhere very close to their target area. If they live close by, likely scenario is they dump what they can at the local pawn shops, their degenerate friends, or the trash. I do hope that you filed a report with the local authorities too.

          Hugs and the best of luck in recovering your things.
  • Bellydancer's unite and beat the crap out of the person who stole them! I've got a stick! Mwahaha. But seriously that sux soooooo bad. I would be so mad I think I would explode. Poor Zoe and her stolen lovelies! :-(
    • I know Zoe wears S31 Melos, so she's kinda small and short (though it never seems like it on stage). I guess about a 4-6. Don't know about the top though.
      • She and I are similar in height and size. I'm a 34b, and I'm guessing she's close to that.

        Hey! Zoe! I was working on a new bra for myself made from remnants of old 1920's flapper costumes, lovely beaded stuff, and in line with the type of costuming your currently wearing. PM if you would like this bra for yourself, and if there is anything els I can send you. I have hair stuff too, hand dyed silk flowers, tibetian silver hair sticks, and head gear I've made.
  •, me!!! I'm tiny...I'll bet I could put some stuff together that she could work would be odds and ends and not nearly as nice as the stuff she had, but it'd give her some extra to work with...

    Somebody PM me and let me know where I could send stuff to, please?
  • Ohhhh Zoe...
    My deepest deepest condolences, I am passionate about costuming and make all my pieces like you do. It must have Felt like a piece of you has died.
    I hope that the theif gets whats coming for him/her!!!!!!!
    Sally (Australia and i will definately be on the look out!!!!!)

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