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This tribe is dedicated to the 1st monothiestic religion of the world that started in Ancient Persia- Zoroastrianism, and to the Zoroastrians of the world.
The purpose of this tribe is to fathom this aged Zoroastrian culture, in order to recognize the truth of such a rich philosophical faith, which has been the foundation of the ancient Iranian civilization, and thus try to repudiate the incorrect pre-judgements against it.
Zoroaster or Zarathushtra or Zarathust was the first spiritual leader to proclaim that there is only one God and his teachings are based on 3 principles: 1) Good Thoughts 2) Good Words 3) Good Deeds.
In Zarathustra?s philosophy, everybody has the liberty to choose the right way, out of his/her good reflection and since human wisdom is more related to good reflection, thus the followers of Zoroastrianism should precede by each other to the propagation of science and education.

This tribe is intended to serve as a forum for those interested in learning more about this ancient, almost forgotten religion as well as discussing it's downfall in history (there are only about 200,000 Zarthushtis alive throughout the world today) and the possibilities of it's full-fledged revival.

It is also open to all those who are interested in Zoroastrianism- a peaceful, non-violent and kind religion- as well as Persian who are Zarathushtis or those Persian who are interested in their ancient religion. RSS Feed what is XML?

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